Little Tigers Taekwondo

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It’s a dream come true for your preschooler. Your 5 or 6 year old will be able to dress like a ninja while learning many life skills from a Taekwondo Master. Little Tigers is a Martial Arts program that will introduce your child to the awesome world of TKD. 

Taekwondo Class Near Me

If you are in the Plano, Murphy, Garland, Frisco Texas area, and are looking for Taekwondo class, then you would want to choose Master Choi’s World Class Taekwondo for many reasons. 

1. Encouragement is one of the main goals of this TKD school. 

   A positive teaching style is more effective than a critical one. The goal at Master Choi’s is 2 positives before correcting. For example, complimenting the child for 2 things he/she did well before helping them do better on something that needs work. Encouragement empowers the child to feel good about his/her abilities and inspires them to grow.

2. Little Tigers is Fun!

   Your child will be introduced to fitness in a very fun and inspiring way. Running, kicking, and jumping their way to fitness will have them wanting to go to class every time. What a fun way to develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination, all while feeling part of a team. Plus, your active little one will burn off a ton of excess energy before heading home for family time.

3. Learning Social Skills While Making Friends in Little Tigers TKD

  We will teach your child how to introduce himself/herself to others and make new friends. This will boost their confidence about meeting new people. What a great life skill!

4. Learning Respect for Others and Self Control

One of the core principles of Martial Arts is learning to treat others with respect. Our Little Tigers program will instill this amazing life skill in a fun and encouraging way. Watch your child grow into a strong, self disciplined , confident and respectful person.

Parents are welcome to watch each session as your child is having a blast learning many skills taught by an inspiring and encouraging instructor who will also be a great role model for your child.