10 Fundraising Event Ideas to Raise Money for Your Cause During the Covid-19 Crisis

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Top 10 Fundraising Event Ideas to Raise Money for Your Cause

The truth about life is that most times, good things cost money. This notion cuts across all spheres of life. As an illustration, if you want the best car around, you would have to pay a lot of money for it. Also, to get that beautiful house in Angel Fire NM you’ve always dreamt of, you’d have to work hard, so you could afford it. It takes money to make many good things happen. This also applies to running a project or a cause. To bring your cause to fruition, you need money. Sometimes people don’t have the funds they need to run a project or fund a school, and would need to find creative fundraising ideas or rely on the good wishes of the public to assist them. These are the top 10 fundraising event ideas to raise money for your cause during the Covid-19 crisis.

Things to Consider Before Organizing Fundraising Events

It doesn’t matter if you’re raising money for charity, your school, your business, or a non profit ministry or mission. You must have a well-planned out and itemized steps to how you would achieve your achieve your goal. Below are some of the steps you must take before embarking on the fundraising project

  1. You have to know your target group: It’s important to know the kind of people that would be participating in the event. Knowing the kind of people that would be attracted to your event, will help you plan on how to receive them, and how to convince them to donate to your cause. As an illustration, you must know if the audience would be young people, perhaps students. You will want to include activities that would be interesting to them, their parents, and businesses in their area. Feed the Need, sport clay shooting, golf marathons, and walkathons are great choices for this group. Anything that will help participants feel relaxed and have fun enough to give towards your project. On the other hand, if your audience is older adults, you might consider silent auctions and other traditional ways of making money.
  2. Make inquiries about the best charity: Some charity organizations collect money from people, and instead of spending the money for the intended purpose, they divert the money and starve the cause of funds. Overall, you must be sure of what charity organization you’d be committing the funds to. It’d be unfair and unreasonable to raise money that would be squandered by some rogue groups.
  3. Get the right people on board: It’s would be difficult, if not impossible to run the show alone. This is why one needs some help from a qualified fundraising events company in order to reduce stress, and most importantly, to be more productive. It’s important to get people who have a knowledge of how fundraising works. If you can’t afford people with experience, then try to get support from those who would dedicate themselves to the cause, and truly support you. It’d be more preferable if they are people who share the same interest with you. A way to get this kind of people is to join online groups, such as on Facebook or Instagram, or even a group in your local community. A lot can be achieved if people with similar interests dedicate their energy, resources and time to a cause, such as Cuurio, whose cause is to help change the world.

Fundraising Event Ideas for Millennials

Millennials are individuals who are less than thirty-five, but older than twenty-one. People are usually generous, especially when it comes to causes they believe in. Below are some of the ways to get the best out of them in a fundraising event;

  1. It’s important to spread the awareness through social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are suitable media for this.
  2. You must endeavor to release solid and straight-to-the-point pictures, sounds, and videos appeal to people in this age group. The ad should show how much difference their donation can make. The organization should receive less focus than the cause. It’s best to always indicate the results that could be achieved if they donated.
  3. You should update them on the achievements of the cause through regular emails. In addition, quarterly messages of gratitude would encourage them to give in future.
  4. Creating an online donation account to make it easy for them to give money.

The Top Ten Fundraising Event Ideas to Raise Money for Your School

  1. Walkathons: People are busy, and don’t have the time to exercise. However, creating a race event, with a certain participation fee would attract a lot of people, especially adults.
  2. Golf marathon events
  3. Baking competitions: Get bakers together to compete, and people should pay before they can taste the cakes.
  4. Feed the Need and other service oriented fundraising events.
  5. Raffle draws.
  6. Fashion events.
  7. Silent Auctions
  8. Dinner parties
  9. Dance events
  10. Hire the best online fundraising event company.

The method and approach used for raising fund could determine the outcome of the fundraising. Choose your fundraising event company wisely to get the best results from your fundraising event.





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