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Quest Bars

Hey babes! Looking for the best protein bar to fuel up after your fitness workout? I love stashing aprotein bar in my gym bag for after a hard lifting session at the gym, or after a tae kwon do training session. My very favorite protein bar to consume immediately after a workout is the absolutely deliciousQuest protein bar! Quest bars are a great source of protein, and they also have plenty of dietary fiber, and are much cleaner than most protein bars. I like to eat clean as possible, so I don’t prefer to consume too much artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals that are harmful to my body, so many protein bars are not an option for me. That being said, quest bars are not made with all of these bad ingredients, so I feel pretty good about eating them whenever I need quick and easy protein!I always load up on quest protein bars when I am headed to the gym, or even when I am just getting some gas or some coffee at my favorite convenience store.

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Are Quest Bars Healthy?

Many people like protein bars because not only are the quick and easy to snack on, but they are also one of the most portable sources of protein that you can take anywhere. Whenever you are trying to get your macronutrients in check, you will become aware of how much protein you are consuming daily versus how much protein you need to be consuming. If you are not careful, you might not be getting enough protein to fuel your muscles properly! If you are working out, especially doing strength training exercises such as bodyweight exercises or lifting weights in the gym, you need to consume more protein then someone who is not doing these exercises. Whenever you exercise your muscles, you make small tears in the muscle tissue. Whenever your muscles repair the tears, they actually grow larger! Your body must repair your muscles, and when it does, it requires protein to rebuild the tissue and to grow. Consuming protein during this recovery time is essential to muscle recovery and muscle growth. In other words, this is how you make gains!!

When to consume protein bars!

When is the best time to consume protein after working out? As soon as your muscles are broken down, they begin to try and repair themselves. That means that as soon as you leave the gym the process has already started! If you do not feed your muscles at this time, they might just continue to break down, and you will not make the muscle gains that you want. That is why I always keep protein bars in my gym bag! Sometimes, I will have a protein shake as soon as I am finished working out, because protein shakes are very quick to reach your muscles. Protein shakes are a good option for quick absorption of protein, but they are not as convenient as protein bars! For one thing I can grab a couple of protein bars at the gas station, stick them in my gym bag, and be on my way! That way, even if I am not planning on working out, but I just happen to squeeze a workout in during the day, I am prepared with protein!

My Favorite Protein Bar!!

Another great thing about Quest bars? They can be like a dessert! I love quest nutrition protein bars, because they are super tasty, and I can get my chocolate fix without eating too much sugar. Hooray! I like to get the Smore’s flavor or the Oreo flavor, and heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds. They get all warm and gooey, and they taste just like fresh-baked cookies! Sometimes, if I am having a chocolate craving, I will just grab a protein bar, heat it up, get a glass of organic milk or almond milk, and instantly feel much better. Just another plus of keeping protein bars on hand!

Protein bars are great options for getting quick protein in after a workout, grabbing a healthy snack on the go either out of your gym bag or by stopping in at your local convenience store, and enjoying a clean sheet from time to time! I hope that you guys are able to try out some yummy protein bars, and that you make the gains you desire at the gym! Good luck on your fitness journey!

Keep living that life, babes!

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