3 Day Diet

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3 Day Diet

Hey babes! Get your metabolism revved by kicking off a healthy fitness and nutrition plan with a 3 day diet! Your 3 day diet should not involve anything too extreme, because extreme calorie cutting, or anything too limiting can actually work against you in the long run. Always make sure to consult with your doctor before trying any new plan, such as a 3 day diet! If you are ready to fire up your eating plan and become a healthier, more physically fit version of yourself, then lets get started with a 3 day diet plan that will cleanse your system and ignite your fat burning machine!!

Check out this video tutorial of how to pull off a restricted calorie diet the healthy way, and make sure that your unique and particular goals line up with the diet plan that you choose. Never try any fad diets that do not revolve around making healthy, holistic food choices! You want to fuel your body with the proper nutrition that it needs to successfully function in your everyday life, and in the gym!

3 Day Diet!

Best Pre Workout!

Feeding your body for energy and recovery before and after a workout is a crucial part in making those gains! You do not want to restrict your calories so much that your body begins to rely on other sources to feed itself. This means that instead of burning off those carbs that you just consumed for your pre workout, your body will actually hold on to every morsel that it can and store it as fat, and actually burn up your muscle to keep itself going! That is definitely the opposite effect that we want when we are dieting and training!! To keep on track with your fitness goals, whether they are for weight loss, muscle growth, sports performance, or simply staying healthy, you definitely want to make sure to feed your body adequate energy, which we measure in calories.

Clean Eating!


Pro tip! Just because you are staying at a certain caloric intake does NOT mean that you are eating a healthy diet that will get you the results that you desire!! In the video, you will see me show you some very nutritionally dense, healthful, and natural foods that are great to cooperate into your meal plan. Once you select the healthy foods you will be consuming, it’s all about portion size! So go ahead and throw out all of those cleansing pills and diet foods, and don’t listen to the hype about eating all the junk food you want as long as you stay within your caloric limits! Your body requires good fuel in order to perform, and not to mention, your skin and hair will look absolutely luminous when you make the switch to natural, healthy food options! 

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and I hope you can try out some of the tasty options I mention in the video! Good luck with your 3 day diet kickstart, and remember that it’s a lifestyle. Get out there and find some activities and healthy foods that you enjoy!

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Keep living that fit life, babes!

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