Best Pancake Recipe

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Best Pancake Recipe

Want to know how to make the perfect breakfast protein pancakes for prime fuel and talk nutrition to keep you energized throughout the whole day? As many of you guys know already, breakfast is a really important meal for anybody who wants to trim fat, build more muscle, or be able to think clearly and efficiently throughout the day. This best pancake recipe will do the trick in a big and delicious way! Prepare to want breakfast right now! Seriously!

Here is Emmy, our own fitness nutrition coach, who knows her stuff. She is fabulously fit and eats clean to the max. Her pancakes are the best protein pancakes ever! I have them almost every morning and they literally get me out of bed. They are so good that I wake up ready to make them. Sometimes I wish that I could skip sleeping and that it would just be time for my favorite pancake recipe and my favorite coffee! I love to start my day off right! This breakfast help me to feel my best, bursting with energy all morning. You will love them too!

Best Pancake Recipe

Now that girl knows how to cook a pancake! She also knows how to present them beautifully! Everyone knows it’s al about plating these days. The more appealing to the eye, the more appetizing to the tongue. Here is what Emmy has to say about this wonderful breakfast delight!

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is science behind that saying! The body goes into starvation mode if you do not feed it proper nutrition in the correct amount of time. If you have been sleeping for eight hours and you wake up and do not feed your body the fuel that it needs, your body will think that it needs to hang onto all the fuel that it can, which means it will begin to store fat in order to retain energy in case you do not have any food.

Back in the old days, this was a helpful side effect, because your body would hold onto every ounce that it had in order to be able to feed itself for as long as it possibly could. However, if you are not stranded on a desert island or in the Paleolithic era, I don’t believe that you probably need to conserve fat to keep your body going for weeks on end.

Since this is the case you, need to eat breakfast! If you are trying to build muscle you will not be able to do it by starving yourself because your body will break down the muscle that it has in order to feed itself. So the next time that you want to try to save calories by skipping breakfast and just grabbing a coffee in the morning, think again!

You need to eat breakfast in order to stay slender and to build muscle, so try this healthy pancake recipe to wake up the right way!

All right you understand that you need breakfast in order to stay healthy. What are you supposed to eat for breakfast in order to get lean or stay lean, and to build muscle and fuel your workouts?

Check out this best pancake recipe and start enjoying these healthy pancakes as soon as possible! Pancakes are my all-around favorite number one go to breakfast of choice. I eat pancakes for breakfast and often I eat breakfast for dinner!  I’m always eating these delicious healthy Paleo pancakes. Want to know how to make healthy pancakes? Watch the video and follow my easy step by step tutorial. Let’s have some fun and make a great breakfast!

Have fun eating the best pancake recipe for my clean eating plan! Eat clean, feel great! It’s so worth taking the time feed your body well. It will thank you!

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