Breakfast Smoothies

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Good morning are you ready to try your healthy breakfast smoothies? Starting your day with a healthy smoothie recipe can really make a difference in the way you look and the way you feel. I love to start my day with my favorite green smoothie that’s loaded with berries, greens, hemp seeds and almond milk.That’s a lot of great nutrition. The vitamins and minerals and antioxidants add up to making me feel vibrant and ready to take on my day. This smoothie contains so many good nutrients that I am loaded up with the first meal of my day!

Breakfast Smoothies

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Healthy breakfast smoothies contains so many great nutritional components that I have practically had everything I need just for breakfast. That makes the rest of my healthy snacksand clean eating meals just an added extra bonus to my health and vitality Fitness and nutrition are a passion of mine and I am an advocate of preventative health. Health through nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. It’s been proven that stress can be the underlying cause of most of today’s diseases, so doing things that can help your body recover from stress and even prevent stress in the first place is important for your overall well being.

My doctor is an advocate of preventative medicine as well, so we make a great team. She gets frustrated when people come into her office and they’re overweight and they have heart disease, diabetes and other health issues that could be prevented with a healthier lifestyle. Some of these problems can even be reversed with healthier lifestyle choices, but some people don’t want to mess with taking care of themselves. They just want her to give them a pill and fix it, while they go about eating their greasy cheeseburgers and French fries and pizza and candy and cake and cookies and soda pop and all of the things that can add up to an unhealthy you. we can have a treat once in a while, but maybe only once a week or less.

You’ll find that once you start your day with a healthy choice such as this healthy breakfast smoothies recipe, your body will begin to crave the nutritional it needs and will be satisfied with whole, clean eating choices. Along with the with clean eating, yoga for stress, a positive outlook is a great stress reducer. Healthy relationships, lots of laughter, looking on the bright side of things, and not letting your mind wander ahead to the what is and worries,but rather focusing on the moment that you have and making the most of it.

So how do we go about this healthier lifestyle? What if you haven’t already been living a healthy lifestyle and you want to begin? Healthy breakfast smoothies are a great place to start. If you can make this healthy choice first thing in the morning, you really will find that your body begins to ask for healthier choices for your lunches. It’s going ask you for healthy snacks and it’s going ask you to feel your grocery shopping cart with berries, fruits, vegetables and natural foods whole foods, lean proteins and less processed goopy foods.

We think you’re gonna love this healthy breakfast smoothies idea.


The bonus smoothie hack is that this is a protein smoothie for weight loss! Yep! That’s right! All the ingredients in this smoothie will add up to a healthy weight for you if you have this every day for breakfast and incorporate a healthy lifestyle to go with it. Studies show that protein for breakfast adds up to a smaller waistline that carbs for breakfast. Plus, it makes a great post workout meal to refuel your muscles after you have given them a good go at the gym or whatever you do for exercise.