Clean Eating Breakfast

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Clean Eating Breakfast

You are darting out the door, but you need a good, clean eating breakfast to go! Your fitness and nutrition goals don’t include driving through for fast food breakfast, and they also don’t include skipping breakfast altogether! You may not have time to make healthy pancakes every single morning, but you can grab a healthy breakfast that you can eat on the road.

Enter Maple Oats! These gluten free rolled oats, only have 7 grams of sugar, and they are not the insulin sinking quick oats. Turns out that instant oatmeal does not work as a complex carb, so you want to be sure that your lots are either old fashioned, slow cook, or at least rolled oats. You want your oatmeal to give you steady energy and a slow insulin release so that you feel great all morning long.

Here is Emmy to tell you all about her clean eating haul, including her favorite rolled oats. She cries them with her almost every day, either as her breakfast, or as a part of her clean eating snacks to fuel her intense workouts. This is the most fun you have ever had at the grocery store!

Clean Eating Grocery Store Haul!

Clean Eating Breakfast

Here is how I prepare my morning oats!

  • Boil a small amount of water.
  • Keep the owns in their container, and pour in the boiling water over the oats until the water covers the oats. If you prefer a more watery texture to your oatmeal, fill it up just past the oats. I like a thicker oatmeal, so I keep the water lower.
  • Cover the container by placing the lid back on top, seal it, and let it sit for two to three minutes.
  • Tada! Your oats are ready to eat!

The Maple Oats flavor is my favorite, because even though the sugar content is low, it still tastes great! I don’t even have to add sugar to make it delicious. Add organic grass fed butter, or a little bit of almond milk if you prefer, but if you’re on the go, it really doesn’t need it!

I hope you guys enjoy this gluten free, low sugar, healthy oatmeal as much as I do! It’s the easiest breakfast to make and take, and it’s a great snack to pack in your bag for a pre workout snack! The complex carbs in these oats will have you energized for hours.

Happy beautiful life!!!

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