Coconut Oil For Hair

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Coconut Oil For Hair

Well, I did it. I finally broke down and took the time to see the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Now, with my busy lifestyle, that was a pretty big step. Not that I don’t like to try new things because I often do. I try lot of new things so that I can tell you what I like or don’t like with the enthusiasm of one who has actually used whatever the new product is.

So, yesterday was Saturday, and as is our custom, my husband and I were playing a leisurely game of Scrabble during breakfast. The sun was shining in, and as I looked down, I noticed something disturbing about my hair. I have always been brunette, and my locks are usually shiny, healthy, and happy.

Recently, I took the notion that perhaps I should lighten a few pieces of my hair around my face, just to brighten things up a bit. Off I went to my favorite hairdresser, who took the news to heart. She has always thought I would look better with camels and blondes. As usual, I just let her do her thing. I always love what she does, so I trust her judgement.

When the big reveal time came, I was shocked! Suffice it to say that I have now joined the ranks of the blondes. I have never even been a big fan of blonde hair. No offense if you are blonde, because guess what? So am I, and I plan to go blonder in a few weeks!

Turns out my hairdresser does know best when it comes to what looks good on me. Everyone loves it, and not one person has expressed any kind of morning for my long gone brunette coloring. So what was it that horrified me when the sun hit my hair?

Coconut Oil for Hair

Dry. My hair was dry, and a little fried looking on the very ends. No matter how pretty the color, dry hair just doesn’t look healthy. So while my husband was taking his turn at the game board, I grabbed our jar of coconut oil, and began slathering it all over my hair. My husband was curious, by not surprised. He is used to seeing me slather myself from head to toe morning and evening with coconut oil, because it does great things for my dry skin.

What Kind of Coconut Oil for Hair

I always use unrefined, pure, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil. It’s not only great for your hair, and your health, it is great for your skin! Here is Emmy to show you some great ways to use coconut oil for your skin.

Coconut Oil For Skin

How to Use Coconut Oil for Damaged Hair

I wasn’t sure how long coconut oil for hair should take, so I left it on for the duration of the game. I didn’t have to be anywhere, so I figured if I couldn’t get it all out, I could try again the next day. That has always been my hesitation with coconut oil. I have heard some people saying they have trouble rinsing it out, and others saying the smell lingers..

After about an hour, or maybe a little more, I took a shower. I was a little nervous that I would look like someone who never washed her hair, because the coconut oil for hair look is admittedly greasy. However, to my surprise, all it took was a normal amount of shampoo, rinse, and repeat. I even used my regular conditioner on top of the coconut oil.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hair

Everything turned out beautifully! Not one trace of the oil was left in my hair. It was shiny, bouncy, soft, and healthy looking. Thet coconut oil for hair benefits were visible after only one treatment. Is coconut oil good for your hair? I can only say that it is definitely good for mine, and I plan to treat it a couple of times a week.

Try coconut oil for hair and see if it works for you! Affordable, natural, and it works!

Happy beautiful life!

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