Easy Neck and Shoulder Yoga Routine

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Easy Neck and Shoulder Yoga Routine

Boy do I ever need to keep doing things to relax the tension that builds up in my neck in shoulders, and this easy neck and shoulder yoga routine is a great one to add to my fitness routine. I love to take time out of my day to release the tension that builds up in my body. Not only because I spend so much time working on my computer, but also to help combat the stress that life can throw at all of us. Taking a little time out to slow down, breathe, and do a little simple yoga practice can do wonders! A quick refreshment for mind, body, and spirit is just a few minutes away. Why not stop right now and treat yourself to this little nugget from my friend, Ursula?

I have been including restorative yoga for quite some time, and I must say that it is really helping to lower my stress levels, which is a great life improvement. Stress is at the root of most of our modern day disease. On top of that, it just takes the fun out of these precious days. If you feel that you don’t have the time to slow down and take care of yourself, think again. the truth is, you can’t afford not to! Nothing is more beautiful than a relaxed, radiant face. Take a breathing break! Then have a nice healthy snack to rev your energy to soar through the rest of your day! Clean eating plus distressing is a win win!

Easy Neck and Shoulder Beginner Yoga Routine

By Easy Yoga Poses on Incline

Easy Neck and Shoulder Yoga Routine

One of the most common problems my yoga students complain about is chronic pain around the shoulders and in their upper back and neck muscles. Most of  us who work with our arms extended in front of us, whether we’re sitting on the computer, cooking, carrying or lifting children, lifting heavy objects, or washing dishes, have some sort of shoulder and/or neck issues from time to time or even chronic. The solution to prevent, release and relax this muscles is Yoga, whenever possible. You don’t have to have a very long practice or routine to help this problem. Here  is a short  and easy 18-Minute Hatha Yoga sequence to keep you pain-free.and relaxed in your shoulders and neck muscles. If you feel a headache coming on, it is often related to stiffness and tightness in the upper area between the shoulder blades. You can sit on the floor, a chair or even on a stability ball. Slumping causes the shoulder blades to slide away from the spine, chronically over stretching and weakening the muscles around them. Do this routine as often as needed.

Ahh! Doesn’t that feel great? Keep it up and you will begin to see and feel awesome things happening to you, mind body, and spirit! Life is sweet, so take some time to bask in it’s beauty!

Happy beautiful life!

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