Easy Yoga Moves

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Enjoy these easy yoga moves that are a life hack designed to refresh and revive your energy any time you need a quick pick me up. We all have those times when we feel sluggish, and desire nothing more than a cup of coffee and something sweet to rev up our energy. But what if we can do that in a way that improves our health, increases our energy, improves our mood, and helps us focus?

You guessed it! Easy do yoga to the rescue. In twelve short minutes you will feel better, body, mind and spirit. So get out of your chair, grab your mat, or not, and take some time to breathe. You may even find yourself reaching for a healthy snack instead of one that’s not so healthy.

We hope you enjoy these easy yoga moves with Ursula, and thanks for watching.

12-Minute Easy, Energizing Yoga Sequence

By Easy Yoga Poses on Incline

This total-body flow warms up your upper back, shoulders, core, legs and butt. It opens your hips and strengthens your core, all while you move. Try to pick up the pace, it really gets your heart pumping  and it will even be a mini cardio workout,This quick routine will refresh and lift you up anytime you need it. Do this sequence several times a week and you will see changes in how you feel, move around and in your mood. Let’s get busy folks!

Energy and health are a precious gift, so take the time to take of yourself. The long termbenefits of yoga are well documented, and vast. Focus on your blessings, your faith, or your favorite word. Just breathe, and try not to let your mind wander ahead to the tasks of the day. You deserve a little break, and your body will thank you for years to come. Relax and enjoy!