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Eat Clean

Trying to eat clean?! If you need some help in grocery shopping for your healthy fitness and nutrition program, then have we got the girl for you! Emmy, our in-house fitness and nutrition coach, will take you a fun and funny trip to show you what is on her grocery shopping listEat clean, like Emmy does, and you will never have a weight problem, and you will have plenty of energy to fuel your workouts and live your best life! She is a beauty, inside and out, and the girl knows what she is talking about. Get ready to laugh and be happy while you learn a lot about healthy eating! You will love Emmy’s healthy breakfast hack, for those days that you are in a hurry, or even when you’re not! Easy and delicious, this maple oatmeal treat will satisfy your tastebuds and your hunger. Your blood sugar will remain nice and steady for hours,  giving you the energy you need todo whatever you want to do! And it is easy, portable, and delicious! Avoid that fast food drive through breakfast that can zap your energy and leave you feeling heavy and tired. think of your body as a fine tuned machine, and your food as fuel.  You wouldn’t put junk into the gas tank tank of your car and expect it to run well, or even run at all! Eat clean and live well! The same goes for your body! Fuel it with a healthy diet, and it will stay strong and healthy, giving you the power you need to feel awesome! All it takes is a little discipline and know how! Here is Emmy to help you out with your eating clean foods! I promise you will have fun and have a few laughs!

Eat clean

by Emmy

Hey babes! Want to see what I buy at the grocery store to fuel up for a week of clean eating?? Come with my on my clean eating haul! I absolutely love to shop for clean foods at the grocery store, and I may have had a bit too much fun making this haul video. 😉 Follow me to the grocery store to see all of my favorite clean eating finds, including paleo friendly foods, vegan options, and of course, all gluten free!!

clean eatingClean Eating, Powered By InclineWasn’t that fun? Going grocery shopping can be a great experience, and you can even find some healthy snacks along the way! You don’t have to blow up your body to eat yummy things! Whether you are paleo, gluten free, organic, vegan, or vegetarian, you can have an eat clean diet that  is satisfying and delicious!You should try Emmy’s healthy pancake recipe if you want to taste my favorite daily breakfast choice! These protein pancakes are amazing, have perfect macros, and you can flavor them any way you want! I love that the basic pancake recipe has zero, yes, zero carbs! That allows me to add some berries without worrying about driving up my gulch levels! These pancakes keep me feeling great all morning!Eat clean and enjoy your beautiful life!

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