Eating Clean

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Eating Clean

Eating clean made easy by taking this fun shopping trip with our resident certified fitness and nutrition coach. This girl lives the natural, organic, clean eating lifestyle every single day. She is a 2nd degree black belt, can kick it in the gym, and is one of the sweetest and most encouraging humans on the planet. Oh, and she’s funny too! So prepare to laugh and learn how to eat healthy, and how to make easy, clean eating recipes a natural part of your life! Your body will thank you!

Eating Clean

Emmy is gluten free, and makes healthy choices when it comes to her dairy products. She incorporates lots of non dairy items, too, including her favorite almond milk. She has found a delicious almond milk creamer that replaces the unhealthy powdered creamer that is filled with unwanted chemicals. The more natural she goes with her food, the more her skin glows with health. You have to admit that you are what you eat, and Emmy is the picture of perfect, radiant health. You can be too! Just work your way into eating clean!How can you achieve this glowing health? It takes discipline, but the payoff is so worth the time and effort it might take to learn some new tricks. You can start off with a bang, and totally revamp your food items, or you can change one thing at a time. The point is, make some changes, and you will keep the rewards!

by Emmy

Eating Clean Made Easier

You probably noticed that Emmy shops the perimeter of the store, with the exception of the natural food aisles. This keeps her away from processed, fattening foods that have no nutritional value. Additive as they are, you can develop a taste for heather choices, and it can happen much faster than you think.

Include fruits and veggies, including lots of greens in you diet. Add in lean proteins, nuts, nut butters, eggs, oats, and seeds. If you can’t tolerate gluten, then you can find lots of gluten free options that will tickle your palette. Even then, keep those mainly to the natural, whole foods that grow from plants and grass fed animals. Keep an eye on your carb count, especially if you have blood sugar issues. That is a path you don’t want to go down!

Avoid sugars, white flours, processed, packaged foods, and most grains. we will be writing on grains that are better choices, though we feel better when we avoid them altogether. However, some people feel great with  the occasional bowl of gluten free oatmeal. If you tolerate grains, then oatmeal is a great complex carb choice that can provide your body with steady energy.

Drink water, tea, and coffee, avoiding soft drinks at all costs. They are just bad for your health.The more water you drink, the more you will crave! Your body will change for the better and you will feel fantastic!

Eating clean is the ticket to a healthy energetic life!

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