Everyday Makeup Remover

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Everyday Makeup Remover

It’s been and invigorating, and yet exhausting day, so I want to encourage you to use your everyday makeup remover skin care before you hit the hay. Believe me, tonight I could so easily succumb to the temptation to fall into my bed just as I am, makeup, unbrushed  teeth, and all. I could close my eyes and fall quickly into a blissful slumber, full of beautiful dreams, and delicious rejuvenation. Or, I might toss and turn with nightmares. One never can predict these things. For all intents and purposes, let’s take the happy route.

I could wake to a new pimple or two, or at the very least a greasy and gross feeling face. My mouth would be unbearable upon awakening, if I could even stand to go to sleep without brushing my teeth in the first place. I am not an over the top clean freak. I just love the feeling of clean skin and a fresh mouth. It sets me up for a relaxing night of restful sleep.

My everyday makeup remover can come in two different categories. One is for when I can get to bed early enough to go through my entire skincare program, which really doesn’t take that long. It simply requires standing at my bathroom sink, and sometimes, like tonight, I am just too tired. I want to go to bed!

My best everyday makeup remover routine may be a little better for my skin, but not so much that I feel guilty when I go to my simpler routine that can actually be done while I am in my bed. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Both routines thoroughly clean away all traces of dirt and makeup, and both include my nourishing night time skin care.

Everyday Makeup Remover

When I am falling into bed after a long hard day, and I just can’t muster the energy to do my full night time makeup routine,I take the simple route. I never skip removing my makeup or brushing my teeth because of the bacteria that can run rampant in my mouth and on my skin. Clean teeth are strong teeth, and healthy gums are important for a healthy heart. It’s true! That bad bacteria that happens over time with unhealthy gums can go into your bloodstream and straight to your heart. Just keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing and flossing daily, and we won’t have to finish that conversation!

Everyday Makeup Remover Routine

  • Get into bed.
  • Open bedside table drawer.
  • Remove makeup wipe from package.
  • Thoroughly clean face with the wipe.
  • Remove vitamin A cream from drawer.
  • Apply a pea size amount to face and neck.
  • Remove unrefined pure coconut oil from bedside table.
  • Apply a small amount to face, neck, chest, and body.
  • Place things back in drawer.
  • Read a few pages of my book, until I can’t keep my eyes open.
  • Turn off my light.
  • Night night!

This easy everyday makeup remover skin care routine assures that I will awaken with fresh, rejuvenated skin, even when I skimp a little. That’s a plus!

Happy beautiful life!

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