Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

There are lots of choices when it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes. You are lucky because you have lots of choices for the colors that you can wear on your beautiful brown eyes. I have always thought it would be fun to have exotic green eyes, or sparkling blue eyes, until I began notice the many interesting and beautiful color variations in my own eyes and the those of my fellow brown eyed babes.

Turns out, brown eyes are beautiful, interesting and exciting. Lots of brown eyed people believe that their brown eyes are just plain and boring, but that is so far from the truth. If you are a brown eyed beauty, then look in the mirror and see what other colors your eyes might contain. Perhaps you have a deep chocolate cherry brown eyes with hints of red and a depth that you can get lost in. Maybe your eyes reflect green and/or gold. Sometimes people with brown eyes wish that their eyes were a more interesting color, but the truth is, brown eyes can be some of the most unique in the world.

Grab your makeup mirror and move to a lighted area where the sun hits it hits your eyes and see what you see. Perhaps you see flecks of gold, or perhaps your eyes turn green in the sun, or maybe they are even a reddish hue. Maybe they are so dark that the light reflects back at you with such a twinkle that it makes you smile.

Knowing the color patterns in your own eyes can help you make great choices for your eye makeup for brown eyes. By now we all understand that there are many different shades of brown eyes, and no two people are alike. My eyes started out blue, like most baby eyes, and then they turned the darkest chocolate brown until I hit my twenties. For several years they were brown in the center and green around the edges. One day I noticed that the green had taken on a golden tone, and that’s where they are today. Who knows what they will be next year? Have your eyes morphed over the years? It’s kind of fun to see what turns up!

Eye makeup For Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes

Deep dark brown eyes have always held mystery. The darker the eyes, the more secrets can be hidden their depths. On the other hand, dark brown eyes can twinkle with joy and happiness like no other color. Look deep into those brown eyes, and you could be lost forever.

Lucky you! You can choose form so many colors to show off you beautiful eyes!  I love purple shadows on dark brown eyes! Anything in the purple palette will really make your eyes the center of attention! Anything in the blue family will be beautiful, including a rocking electric blue! How fun is that? Greens, bronzes, earth tones and silvers are also great choices. Eye makeup for brown eyes is so versatile for you!

Hazel with Green Tones

Your beautiful hazel eyes with green tones are an overcharging pool of emotion and light. If you are happy, they shine. If you are sad, or have a tear, they can turn green. Depending on the lighting and your mood, your hazel eyes can go from green to brown and everywhere in between. I love that hazel eyes are so easy to read. Every emotion passes across them. Feline ferocity at it’s very best.

Your hazel eyes are a combo of green and brown, so you can wear anything that compliments both of those colors. If you really want your eyes to draw the attention, stick with browns, taupes, and bronzes. Those colors will exaggerate the green in your eyes and they will steal the show!

Hazel with Golden Tones

This royal combination gives you the look of a lioness, or perhaps a wolf. Have you ever noticed the gorgeous golden tones in the eyes of those magnificent animals? Beautiful, elegant, and powerful, yet soft and shining at the same time.

Golds, bronzes, taupes, and earthy browns are the best eye makeup for brown eyes if yours have golden tones, though you can wear any of the other colors that compliment brown eyes. A smokey earthy eye with a bronze liner might be a fun option if you are feeling especially on fire today!

Have fun playing up your feature with these eye makeup for brown eyes makeup tips! You can dress them up for prom, or go more neutral for a day at the beach!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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