Foundation or Concealer First

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Foundation or Concealer First

Whether to use foundation or concealer first when applying your makeup really depends on who you ask, and what your preferred final makeup look is. For instance, if you are more of a natural girl, you know that less foundation will be your go to.  You may even choose to go with concealer alone. If you are a more get all dressed up girl, then you might want to start with a flawless foundation and then add concealer as a part of your contouring techniques. These days, contouring is all the rage, and every girl, whether natural or more fixed up, can benefit from learning a few skills.

Here is our natural girl, Emmy, to give you her concealer only routine. She is blessed with beautiful skin that doesn’t really require makeup, but she does sometimes do the whole nine yards, including gorgeous contouring. Listen and watch as she gives a lesson on organic choices, and how to quickly and beautifully apply concealer as foundation.

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Foundation or Concealer First

As you can see, Emmy only has the occasional breakout, so a little concealer here and there really does give her a flawless face. She thinks that the best concealer she has found in the organic makeup category is

Some makeup artists that we love are adamant about concealer first, while others are proponents of foundation first. I have done my makeup both ways during my lifetime, and this is what I have noticed. While applying foundation first does give me a flawless palette on which to work my makeup magic, or at least make myself look a little better, it also makes me wear more makeup than I probably need.

For me, applying concealer first usually means that I can get by without foundation. Since I love a more natural makeup look, that is plus! by concealing my dark circles, the redness around my nose, and any blemishes that may pop up, I can be out the door and on to my day much more quickly..

Foundations and Concealers

Foundations and concealers are where you should spend your makeup dollars if your budget calls for the best drugstore makeup brands like mine does. I have only in the past couple of years upgraded to luxury brands on my foundation, which I rarely wear, but when I do it goes on so smoothly, and actually stays in place!

Makeup has always evaporated from my face! I have a rather oily complexion, which has been great for keeping my skin from rapid aging, but it is a pain when it comes to keeping foundation on my face. Topping it with a nice loose powder helps, but even with a good primer, good foundation, and a good powder, my makeup melts away.

That is one of the main reasons I stick to Emmy’s easy makeup routine. Concealer, defined brows, mascara, and lip balm help me look put together without a lot of fuss. But then I look at you girls with the winged eyeliner, false lashes, contoured makeup, and pouty lips, and I’m all like dang! You look good!! So keep it up if you have the time and the inclination!

Foundation or concealer first, whatever your style, whether makeup, hair, or clothes, the best thing is to be yourself. Let your inner light shine, and go out and make the world a better place!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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