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A wonderful green lawn is an asset to the home. It sets the house off, displaying the natural beauty of the home. With jobs requiring long hours of hard work, most people do not have energy or enthusiasm for lawn care. Trust Weedex Lawn Care to provide the best Garland lawn care service money can buy!

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Weed and Pest Control Dallas Tx

A pretty lawn enhances the beauty of your home and can be destroyed quickly by weeds or dry spots, grass dead due to infestation of bugs. In this case a business that understands bug and weed control is needed.  

Spring Lawn Treatment

It is spring and the grass is waking up. It is time to look forward to the beauty of that green lawn and blossoming trees and shrubs. Now is time to begin spring lawn treatment by raking the lawn to remove loose leaves and thatch. Too much thatch can suffocate the green plant growth. A good raking in spring, even if the yard was raked in fall, is best.

Seeding and Aerating Lawn

Follow that by seeding the lawn and aerating it. If moss is evident it may need aerating as the dirt may well be compacted. A tool is made for this. It rolls along with spikes making small holes in the grass. Be careful about treating the moss as its growth can be caused by ph imbalance. Be careful, not to aerate too early in spring as the holes are wonderful places for weeds to spread their seeds.  

Dallisgrass Control

Dallisgrass is one weed that is often mixed up with crabgrass. It is quite different from crabgrass. Crabgrass grows along the ground and dallisgrass is taller with a thinner leaf. Crabgrass killed this year will not grow again next year. With dallisgrass, that is not so. Dallisgrass and crabgrass control differs. To gain dallisgrass control the spots must be treated with glyphosate which in turn not only kills the dallisgrass but also the turf. The remaining dallisgrass seed left in the turf will live on, again destroying the grass unless the area is treated with a herbicide or is over seeded with grass seed.

There are products that purport to fertilize and at the same time stop weeds; lawn specialist near me feel that this is often not true or effective. Be guided by our Garland Lawn Service at Weedex Lawn.

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Ornamental trees and shrubs need to be inspected in early spring for damage to bark, leaves or roots and to determine whether the damage is from pests, fungus or disease. Pruning in spring should be done after they bloom so as not to destroy the color.


It is also time to mulch around the trees and to fertilize. Certain food material for your ornamental shrubs and trees must be used. This is important. It would be wise to check with best lawn services about this question. Your plants are special and treasured. Protecting them is important.

Trusted Lawn and Yard Care Near Me

Trust lawn and yard care to Weedex and see your questions and worries be handled by a service that understands the problems.

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