High Protein Snack

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High Protein Snack

On the prowl for some good tasting high protein snack ideas that are quick and convenient? Well, then sit back, relax, and go with Emmy on her convenience store haul for healthy snacks. These protein snacks will fuel you up, either before or after you exercise, but these are particularly great for your post workout refueling. They are also really great for making your tastebuds do the happy dance! oh! And they are easy, convenient, and you can just stop in to your favorite convenience store and be on your way!

Stop often enough, and your friendly checkout people may even throw in free coffee or iced tea to you, their valued customer! It’s always nice when someone makes you feel special! Be sure to make them feel special too! Have fun checking out this convenience store haul of healthy snacks for weight loss!

High Protein Snack

Emmy’s favorite pre workout includes coffee and coconut water, rather than dangerous energy drinks that can leave your heart racing in an unhealthy way. Be careful about stimulants! Just a little natural caffeine is all you need to power through that workout!

Here’s a word from Emmy!


Hey babes! Looking for healthy high protein snacks on the go? Check out my convenience store haul, and see what I like to pick up on my way to the gym or after working out. The plus side? You can pick up all of these snacks and drinks at your local convenience store, so you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the grocery store or bringing meal prep with you! It’s pretty much the easiest pre-workout snack or post workout high protein snack you’ll ever have! Come with me in my video to my favorite convenience store, and see what I stock up on every day before my workout! 

My favorite convenience store snack is to buy a couple of hard boiled eggs and some fresh berries. We do have several gas stations that carry healthy snacks and drinks along with the usual gas station snack fare. Most of the time, you can find good snacks that are nutritious, but you have to be willing to dodge and forgo all of the cupcakes, cookies, chips,and fried foods that your friends may be choosing.

Just think of your body as a machine and fuel it according to what will make it run at its optimum. You wouldn’btput bad gas in your car, so don’t put junk food into your body. You want to have healthy, happy cells that will help you to feel vibrant and able to do all of the awesome things that have been set before you!

Clean eating is not a punishment! It’s the ticket to great health and bursting energy! It helps your brain produce your happy hormones, and helps you fit into your favorite jeans! Healthy eating allows you to get better gains from your workouts, enabling you to go anywhere you want and do the things love! What’s not to love about that?

We want you to experience the best life possible! Our hope is to help you find a better way to live that will satisfy your body, mind, and spirit! Joy, happiness, peace, and a feeling of purpose in your life are our goals for you. Healthy snack ideas are only a small part of the whole of you. The heart of you is our biggest joy, so stick with us to see what it’s all about!

Speaking of your heart, replacing your sugary snacks with high protein snack that are low in sugar will make a difference in your heart health, and your health in general.

Enjoy your high protein snack and rock that healthy life!

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