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how to apply makeup

…the EASY way!!

Hey babes! Looking to learn how to apply makeup? I’m going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply makeup the easy way!! This process is great for on the go, because we are going to strip our routine down to the bare essentials. We’ll be doubling up our products for multi-use, breaking down the complex process of eye makeup and foundation application, and best of all, the only tools you will need are your FINGERS!! That’s right, no makeup brushes required! read on to find out how to apply makeup, the easiest way possible.


For easy makeup application, I would suggest sticking with a good BB or CC cream for your foundation. While they are not quite as full-coverage as your regular foundations can be, you can still find a BB or CC with coverage that should be enough for most skin types! A lot of creams are actually quite buildable, which means you can apply more layers until you reach your desired level of coverage! Just make sure to extend the application to the neck area so that you aren’t left with a visible edge to your face makeup!

How to apply BB or CC cream:

Squeeze a small amount of your favorite product onto the back of one hand. With clean fingers, tap the makeup to warm up the cream on your skin. Next, apply in dots around your face, starting with your forehead, down your nose, around your mouth, on your cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck. Blend in small, gentle circles, covering your entire face with a thin layer of product. You should notice a difference right away in the tone and texture of your skin! Some BB or CC creams come with a cushion applicator, but the technique remains very similar. Press the cushion all over your face, blending it out with clean fingers. Remember, we are going for simple and travel-friendly, so we are ditching extra brushes altogether!

How to apply concealer:

This one is really simple! Take your favorite concealer, dab it onto your clean ring finger, and dot the product along under-eye circles, around areas with redness, on blemishes, and on any discoloration. Now, just blend, blend, blend! Keep it to a minimum and just conceal what’s necessary.

Last step!

Dust a finishing powder all over the face and neck to mattify and set everything into place! A mineral powder, pressed powder, or sheer, translucent powder will all work. Load up your fluffy all-over brush (the only brush in this how-to, I promise!) and apply it all over. Now you’re ready to move on to the eyes!


All you’ll need here is a good highlighting shade and a contouring shade! I suggest getting a light nude iridescent shadow as highlight, and a light to medium taupe or brown shadow as contour!

How to apply eyeshadow:

First, run your finger along the light shade, and press it onto the ball of the eye, extending it into the inner two thirds of the eye. Dab just the tip of your pinky finger into the pigment, and stamp it into the inner corner. With the pinky again, trace the brow bone just under the brow. This will actually get you one step ahead with your eyebrow makeup! Now, clean the product from your ring finger, and load it up with your contour shade. Press the color into the crease of the eye, focusing on the outer third of the eyelid. Blend the colors by tapping the visible seam, so that one fades softly into the other. Take your clean pinky, and load it with a bit of contour as well. Run it along the lower lash line, sticking to the outer third. Now you’re ready for liner!

How to apply eyeliner:

Take your favorite brown pencil, and trace your upper lash line. Keep as close to the lashes as possible, so that no bare skin is visible between lashes and liner. Extend the liner out past the eye just a bit, flicking up at the end very slightly. The line should start out s thin as possible, getting thicker toward the outer edge. If you feel like going for a more intense liner look, opt for a black pencil liner or instead, or just trace over your brown liner with a black liquid.

Mascara time!!

How to apply mascara:

First, curl the lashes by placing them into your eyelash curler and applying gentle pressure for 5 to 10 seconds. Once that’s done, take your favorite mascara, and place the wand at the very base of your lashes. Stamp some of the pigment onto your top lash line here, so that this can double up as your waterliner! Now, comb your mascara through your lashes, wiggling back and forth to reach every lash. Make sure you get the inner and outer corner lashes coated as well!

Okay we’re almost done. On to brows!!

How to apply eyebrow makeup:


You’ve already highlighted your brow bone, so skip straight to filling the brows! Take a taupe pencil or a pencil 3 shades lighter than your natural hair, and trace feathery hair marks into your brows. Focus the intensity toward the back, choosing whichever brow shape works best for you.  An arch can make you look older, straight brows can look more professional, and full brows can make you look younger. Decide on your look, and fill away! Once you have the shape and color you want, flip the pencil over to the spoolie brush if it has one, and brush the makeup just to blend. Tada! Brows on fleek 

Lips are last!!

How to apply lipstick:

Take a soft petal shade liner, and line your natural lip shape. With a peachy-pink lipstick to match your liner, smooth it over your upper and lower lips, then press them gently together. Time to blow a kiss! Pucker up and press your lips onto a napkin, paper receipt, business card, whatever, and put it between your lips. Now your lipstick will stay in place!

Alright, you’re all finished! Now that you know how to apply makeup, get out there and feel confident. You’ve got this!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties! <3

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