Ice Cream Sundae

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Ice Cream Sundae

I am so excited to bring you this ice cream sundae review that  I just don’t know what to do!  Why am I so excited you ask?Well here is the answer. I am dairy free! Not by choice, but because dairy hurts my stomach! This has not always been the case. I used to be able to enjoy the creamy deliciousness of an ice cream sundae. One day, my stomach just decided that dairy was its enemy. I became a person who cannot have a one drop of dairy without extreme stomach pain!

Ice cream sundae party Thursdays is  my precious time with my daughter. We have shared many laughs and deep talks while immersed in the gooey deliciousness of chocolate ice cream sundaes. This was our ice cream sundae party that happened every Thursday after school. It was our comfort food. It was our reward for a job well done. It was just because girls need chocolate! It was just because we needed it, and it was reserved for girls only. So we had to find a new alternative to keep the tradition going!

Do you know how hard it is to find a dairy free ice cream that is also low-carb, creamy and delicious!

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Well if you are a fellow dairy free person, like we are, whether it is by choice or for medical reasons, you understand the dilemma. It’s hard to watch everyone else enjoying an ice cream cone or ice cream sundae while you have strawberries. Strawberries are really good for you! They are great for your fitness and nutrition, and they are also really good on ice cream!

Even us dairy free people sometimes , or always,need a creamy treat. Guess what? We found one! We found an awesome dairy free ice cream that fits the bill. It is creamy, and does not contain added sugar!  It is sweetened with Monk fruit, which does not affect your blood sugar in a negative way.

What is this awesome dairy free ice cream you’re asking? What is this vegan delight? What is this creamy dreamy treat that won’t hurt my stomach? It is So Delicious Almond Milk Ice Cream in vanilla bean, with no sugar added. They have chocolate with no sugar added and they have a toffee, also with no sugar added. If you try the other flavors, will you want to look at the nutrition facts, because they do contain more sugar and they are dreamy delicious as well.

I love that this ice cream sundae hack does not contain artificial sweeteners, which in my opinion are much worse for you than real sugar. However we all need the chance to pamper ourselves with a little bit of comfort food (or a lot), so we are happy to give you this almond milk ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae Nutrition Facts

Check out the nutrition facts! Another great thing about this almond milk ice cream sundae hack is that people swear that helps him to lose weight. This is probably because of the high fiber content combined with the coconut oil, which is touted to increase your metabolism and help you lose belly fat and fit into that awesome pair of jeans.

We are really into clean eating and would encourage to join us if you haven’t already! If you want to go on a fun grocery store haul, enjoy going on this clean eating grocery store shopping trip with Emmy. She is our resident certified fitness and nutrition coach, and a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is funny smart and full of great information. You will see what we buy to eat clean, and what kind of almond milk, and almond milk ice cream for ice cream sundaes.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Have a great day and thanks for watching.