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Juice Beauty

Hey babes! Thinking about trying a Juice Beauty product as a good-for-you organic makeup option? We try to keep everything as natural and organic as possible when it comes to nutrition and the products we put onto our skin. That’s because whatever you put onto your skin goes directly into all of the cells of your body, so making good choices is a big step toward optimum health and energy! Enter Juice Beauty, a natural organic makeup line that actually looks pretty on your skin!

Check out Emmy’s review of her new favorite concealer, Juice Beauty’s Perfecting Concealer in 08, Cream! It’s made with coconut oil! Coconut oil for skin is another great video you might want to check out if you are interested in all natural, organic skin care. We highly recommend going all natural if you can get the same results as you can with other skin care products! Check out all of our recipes, for skin, hair, and food using coconut oil!

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Reviews, What is Concealer Used For

I have only been using this coconut-based concealer from Juice Beauty for a little over a week now, but I still absolutely love it. The texture is very thin, non-greasy, and blends very well under my eyes, and on any other trouble areas on my skin where redness occurs. I like how blurry the overall effect of the concealer is, and I do not think that it creases, cakes up, or makes my pores appear more noticeable like some concealers can.

If you have had tried organic makeup before, and found it to be oily, or or an uneven consistency, then Juice Beauty may be your next go to. We are loving the textures so far, so stay tuned for more reviews on more of their products!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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