Kindess Matters

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If you ask me, beauty is all wrapped up into one beautiful word – kindness. I don’t mean an occasional act of kindness, but kindness as a lifestyle. Wouldn’t you agree? Nothing enhances the warmth of a smile, the twinkle in the eyes, or the radiance of a person’s countenance, than an encouraging  word, or a generous deed, or a gentle touch. The world can be hard on people, coming at them on all sides. A person may be going through a struggle, as all of us will. They may be trying to smile, not letting anyone know the pain they are feeling, or they may act out in anger, or break down in tears.

In any of those situations, we hold the power to change things for the better, even it’s only for a moment. Are you wondering how to change someone’s day, or maybe even change their life? Let’s take a few moments to explore some possibilities.

One of the most joy inspiring habits we can have is to practice looking outside of ourselves. If I ever feel like having a sad and miserable day, all I need to do is focus my attention on myself and how everything is effecting me. Conversely, if I want to experience true joy, no matter my circumstances, the only thing required is that I look past the end of my own nose, to the needs of someone else.

Does that mean that we stop taking care of our own needs and only empty ourselves out to others? Of course not. It wouldn’t be long until we had nothing left to give. We need to take care of ourselves by practicing great fitness and nutrition, developing healthy relationships, expanding our minds and spirits, getting enough rest, and taking time to have some fun. If we’re sick and worn out our bucket will be empty, and we will have nothing left to give.

What we are talking about here is kindness becoming a part of your daily lifestyle. A wonderfully refreshing habit that will change your life for the better!

Random Acts of Kindness

Has anyone ever surprised you by anonymously paying your bill at a restaurant, or secretly buying you a gift card at your favorite coffee shop to be handed to you after they leave? Have you ever been on hard times and someone sends you money in an unmarked envelope, so that you won’t know who it’s from? If so, how did that make you feel? It made you feel loved and special didn’t it? Did it also inspire you to want to pay it forward?

Why would someone practice paying it forward without gaining recognition or thanks for their kindness? Would you agree that it’s because they have learned something so valuable that they can’t wait for the next opportunity to give? They know that the true reward is the joy of giving. Just the giving is the payoff for paying it forward. The return is a joyful life. The more you give, the more joy you have. It’s really quite simple.

Paying it forward ideas 

You don’t have to have money to spare to show kindness. It doesn’t cost you anything to say a kind word, or give away your smile, or help someone who needs it. It doesn’t cost to volunteer for a charity, or spend time with the elderly, or sit with someone who is grieving. You will get back so much more than you can give. Try it and you will see that’s the truth!

Sometimes just a simple hello while opening a door for someone will make a bigger difference than you know. How about treating your server the way you would want to be treated, and leaving a bigger tip, just because it’s the right thing to do? What is small to you might be large to them. You never know what burdens a person is carrying. A little kindness can lighten their load and let them know that they are not alone and that there is hope for a brighter future.

Kindness is the first trait that I look for in a person. All of the outer beauty in the world can’t cover a selfish or unkind heart. All of the makeup tricks available can’t hide an attitude of self importance. The perfect body doesn’t make up for mean words.

True beauty is found in a kind heart. Kindness matters most.

Happy beautiful life!