Lawn Service in Flower Mound/Texas Landscaping Services in Flower Mound Texas

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Lawn Service in Flower Mound, Texas Landscaping Services in Flower Mound, Texas

During the spring and other warm weather months of the year, you will want to maintain your yard more frequently. This will allow you to keep your yard in good condition as well as preventing infestations from pests and possible fines by your local homeowner’s association. While you can complete landscaping tasks by yourself, it is more beneficial to use the many services offered by lawn care companies. With these types of companies, you can be assured that all of your landscaping tasks will be completed more efficiently. These companies not only provide spring lawn treatment but other services such as Dallisgrass control and lawn fertilization. By offering all of these services, homeowners will be in great hands with a reputable lawn care company in Flower Mound, Texas such as Weedex Lawn Care.

Lawn Care Services Near Me

One of the services that Weedex provides to homeowners throughout Flower Mound, Texas is lawn care. The company can send a team of landscapers to complete a number of tasks for your lawn including mowing, watering and installing new grass. Each week, the company can send someone to mow the lawns so that they stay compliant with neighborhood guidelines for the proper length of grass. 

Another key task that Weedex will perform is watering the lawns. It will install and run sprinklers to keep the lawn wet and receive plenty of water to keep growing. Watering the lawns is important in keeping them green and intact during the warm weather months. 

At times a lawn might be warn out and eventually becomes unsightly. As a result, homeowners will benefit by receiving assistance with installing new grass. Landscapers can get rid of the old grass and plant new grass in either the front or back yard. They can also install artificial grass which can provide you with a more attractive alternative that will save you the hassle of having it mowed and watered. 

Weed Control

As well as receiving lawn care for your yard, another important landscaping task that you will want to have completed is weed removal. A reputable weed control company such as Weedex will provide a number of services including weed control and fertilization services. It will eliminate weeds and prevent them from growing back on your yard. Weedex uses the latest tools and pesticides to get rid of weeds on sidewalks, lawns, gardens and driveways. With weed control and removal, you will be able to get rid of and keep any unsightly plants from growing on your property during the spring and other times of the year. 

Bush and Shrub Removal

Along with weed removal and lawn care, Weedex also helps homeowners maintain their yards with bush and shrub removal services. The company will have landscapers come over and trim bushes and get rid of them if you request it. Along with removing bushes and shrubs, Weedex will also provide additional services such as grub control. It will locate and eliminate this material from your yards at any time during the year. These services will ensure that every part of your yard is well maintained and looks its very best. 

To learn more about how you can maintain your lawn and yards throughout the year, contact Weedex today at 972-727-9207. We can ensure that your yard will be well cared for during the entire year. When contacting us request a quote to see if we can save you money on landscaping services.

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