Little Tigers Taekwondo

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Exciting update! Master Choi is bringing together many of the Teakwondo masters world wide to meet for a weekend in Houston Tx. He is pretty much the leader of 500 Taekwondo schools. Many are based in the USA and others in Korea. It’s so much fun to watch these TKD masters in action. One of the common themes among them is mutual respect with a healthy dose of competitive spirit thrown in.

Taekwondo Near Me

Master Choi is a mix of kindness, compassion, encouragement and sometimes a bit of intimidating criticism followed by a thumbs up and a “you can do it!” His students love him and do their best to earn his praise and be rewarded with his double doses of encouragement. If you are searching for Taekwondo Near Me, I would most highly recommend you choose Master Choi, or ask him for a referral if you are not in his area. He knows all of the masters and would never steer you wrong.

One of his favorite classes to teach is Little Tigers. He loves connecting with your 5 year old and brings fun mixed with discipline while introducing your little one to the exciting world of Taekwondo. Everyone who enters the doors of this school will walk out feeling encouraged, empowered and uplifted. You will be allowed to watch the class and enjoy seeing your child grow in confidence, physical skills, and people skills. It is a true win win.

Little Tigers Taekwondo

It’s a dream come true for your preschooler. Your 5 or 6 year old will be able to dress like a ninja while learning many life skills from a Taekwondo Master. Little Tigers is a Martial Arts program that will introduce your child to the awesome world of TKD. 

Taekwondo Class Near Me

If you are in the Plano, Murphy, Garland, Frisco Texas area, and are looking for Taekwondo class, then you would want to choose Master Choi’s World Class Taekwondo for many reasons. 

1. Encouragement is one of the main goals of this TKD school. 

   A positive teaching style is more effective than a critical one. The goal at Master Choi’s is 2 positives before correcting. For example, complimenting the child for 2 things he/she did well before helping them do better on something that needs work. Encouragement empowers the child to feel good about his/her abilities and inspires them to grow.

2. Little Tigers is Fun!

   Your child will be introduced to fitness in a very fun and inspiring way. Running, kicking, and jumping their way to fitness will have them wanting to go to class every time. What a fun way to develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination, all while feeling part of a team. Plus, your active little one will burn off a ton of excess energy before heading home for family time.

3. Learning Social Skills While Making Friends in Little Tigers TKD

  We will teach your child how to introduce himself/herself to others and make new friends. This will boost their confidence about meeting new people. What a great life skill!

4. Learning Respect for Others and Self Control

One of the core principles of Martial Arts is learning to treat others with respect. Our Little Tigers program will instill this amazing life skill in a fun and encouraging way. Watch your child grow into a strong, self disciplined , confident and respectful person.

Parents are welcome to watch each session as your child is having a blast learning many skills taught by an inspiring and encouraging instructor who will also be a great role model for your child.

50 Reasons to Take Taekwondo Class Near You

  1. Improve physical fitness and health
  2. Learn self-defense techniques
  3. Build confidence and self-esteem
  4. Develop discipline and self-control
  5. Increase flexibility and agility
  6. Enhance coordination and balance
  7. Learn proper breathing techniques
  8. Reduce stress and anxiety
  9. Improve focus and concentration
  10. Develop leadership skills
  11. Build teamwork and social skills
  12. Learn respect for oneself and others
  13. Develop perseverance and resilience
  14. Improve posture and alignment
  15. Enhance cardiovascular endurance
  16. Build muscle strength and endurance
  17. Learn proper warm-up and cool-down techniques
  18. Develop mental toughness
  19. Enhance reaction time
  20. Learn to set and achieve goals
  21. Develop sportsmanship
  22. Increase confidence in public speaking
  23. Improve memory and cognitive function
  24. Enhance problem-solving skills
  25. Develop creativity and imagination
  26. Build camaraderie with classmates
  27. Learn to be proactive rather than reactive
  28. Develop humility and open-mindedness
  29. Enhance one’s overall well-being
  30. Improve one’s overall quality of life
  31. Learn to manage one’s emotions
  32. Develop empathy and compassion
  33. Learn to appreciate the value of hard work
  34. Enhance one’s sense of purpose
  35. Develop a sense of community
  36. Learn to be patient and persistent
  37. Develop healthy habits
  38. Increase one’s sense of adventure
  39. Learn to be present in the moment
  40. Enhance one’s sense of gratitude
  41. Develop a sense of responsibility
  42. Improve one’s decision-making skills
  43. Learn to be resilient in the face of challenges
  44. Develop a growth mindset
  45. Increase one’s sense of curiosity
  46. Learn to appreciate the beauty of simplicity
  47. Enhance one’s sense of awareness
  48. Develop a sense of humor
  49. Learn to be adaptable to change
  50. Develop a lifelong love for Taekwondo.

Taekwondo, also known as TKD, is a martial art that originated in Korea and has gained worldwide popularity. TKD has numerous benefits for kids, both physically and mentally.

Here are Some of the Benefits of TKD for Kids

  1. Physical fitness: TKD is a great way for kids to improve their physical fitness. The training involves a lot of movements, such as jumping, kicking, and punching, which can improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  2. Self-defense: TKD teaches kids self-defense techniques, which can help them protect themselves in case of danger.
  3. Discipline: TKD requires discipline and focus, which can help kids develop self-control and better concentration.
  4. Confidence: Through TKD, kids can gain self-confidence by setting and achieving goals, and by learning new skills.
  5. Respect: TKD emphasizes respect for others, including instructors, fellow students, and opponents. This can help kids learn to treat others with kindness and consideration.
  6. Teamwork: TKD often involves working in pairs or small groups, which can help kids learn to work together and support each other.
  7. Stress relief: TKD can be a great way for kids to relieve stress and anxiety by providing a healthy outlet for physical activity.
  8. Goal-setting: TKD involves setting goals and working towards achieving them, which can help kids learn the importance of goal-setting and persistence.
  9. Character development: TKD emphasizes developing positive character traits such as perseverance, courage, and humility, which can help kids become better people.
  10. Fun: Lastly, TKD can be a fun and enjoyable activity for kids, which can help them develop a lifelong love of physical activity and fitness.

Looking for Taekwondo Classes?

There are several ways to find Taekwondo classes in your area:

  1. Search online: You can search for Taekwondo classes in your area using search engines such as Google or Bing. Try searching for “Taekwondo classes near me” or “Taekwondo schools in [your city/town].”
  2. Check local directories: Local directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages can provide listings of Taekwondo schools and instructors in your area.
  3. Ask friends and family: If you know someone who practices Taekwondo, ask them if they can recommend a school or instructor in your area.
  4. Visit a local gym or fitness center: Some gyms and fitness centers offer Taekwondo classes or may be able to recommend a nearby school.
  5. Contact national organizations: Organizations such as USA Taekwondo or the World Taekwondo Federation have databases of affiliated schools and instructors that you can search by location.

Once you have a list of potential schools, you can research each one to determine which would be the best fit for you or your child. Look for reviews or testimonials from current or former students, as well as information about the instructor’s credentials and experience. It’s also a good idea to visit the school and observe a class to get a sense of the atmosphere and teaching style.