Lower Ab Workouts

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Lower Ab Workouts


Hey babes! Do you want to learn some awesome lower ab workouts that will target your lower abdominal muscles, and help you build your six pack at the gym? Combine these lower ab workouts along with your fitness and nutrition program, and you will have that bikini body or six pack in no time!!  Everyone knows how difficult it can be to focus on those lower abs when you are performing ab workouts, because typically the lower abs are the weakest part of the abdominal area. Often, when working out at the gym, we find ourselves using our upper abs or our mid-abdominal muscle groups when performing our workouts. This leaves our poor lower ab muscles neglected! If you want to build a solid core and get that bikini body or six pack ready by summer, you need to make sure that you perform lower ab workouts that target your lower abs and do not allow your upper or mid abs to take over. Sounds easy, right? If you have been doing crunches, sit ups, or even machines at the gym, you know that it is more difficult than it sounds to focus on lower ab workouts! In my ab workouts video tutorial, I show you guys the proper form to maintain when you want to target your lower abdominals.

Lower Ab Workouts Tutorial!!!

Best Ab Workouts

I love to use the Captain’s Chair when I do my core day at the gym! The Captain’s Chair is a great tool to use to strengthen the entire core, by adjusting your movements to focus on each different muscle group. You can use the captains chair with just your body weight for strengthening, or you can strap ankle weights on or hold a medicine ball between your feet if you wish to add weight to your ab workouts. Targeting each muscle group can be tricky, but focusing on the mind to muscle connection will help you achieve your desired results.

Ab Workouts for Women

If you are a woman, you know how annoying that little belly bulge can during swimsuit season! First off, take a nice deep breath, because stressing about the perfect body will only add to the problem and make it harder to achieve by holding onto more excess fat! Now, make sure that your clean eating is on point. If your nutrition is good, and you are already doing fat burning workouts such as high intensity exercise, strength training, and cardio, it is time to get your lower ab workouts in check! When you use equipment at the gym, make sure that you always have a strong pull from your bellybutton through to your spine when performing any ab workouts. Act as if you are trying to pull your stomach into your back. If you are doing a plank, do not let your stomach curves outward. Think about pulling your belly button up toward the ceiling, and engage your lower ab muscles. When you are in a plank position, rock back slightly on your toes using your hips to guide you backwards until you feel a strong engagement in the lower abdominal region. Focus on flexing your lower abs, and making sure to keep them pulled tightly in. You don’t want to build muscle going outward, because that will only look like more belly bulge! You want to build a tight girdle of ab muscles to hold you in for that cinched waist look. Planks are great for this with the proper form!

Targeted Lower Ab Workouts!

My favorite targeted lower ab workouts are workouts that I show you in my video tutorial on the Captain’s Chair. Want to make sure that each movement that you perform either target or uses your lower abdominal muscles in a beneficial way? First watch the tutorial for proper form and technique. Next follow these little tips and tricks for using your ab workouts to target those stubborn lower abs!

TOP 3 TIPS for Lower Ab Workouts!!!!

• Keep your mind to muscle connection strong! Really think about each muscle fiber expanding and contracting throughout your workout. Focus with your mind on the muscles that you wish to target, and you will see more improvement in your strength and your muscle tone.

• Slow down your grips! Following along with my workout video, once you bring your legs up on your Captain’s Chair straight leg lifts, lower them back down at an even slower rate for more targeted muscle building. Use your lower abs to bring your legs down in a controlled manner. The slower the better!

• Add weight when you need it! Don’t cheat yourself by becoming complacent with your routine. If you can do more reps, do them! If you need to add more weight to make it challenging enough for you, add weight! Don’t let yourself plateau when with simple adjustments you could be making gains!!

I hope that these tips have been helpful for you guys, and that you are able to try out my favorite lower ab workouts found in my video tutorial! Go out there and make your gains, team!! You’ve got this 😉

Keep living that fit life, babes!

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