Makeup Bags 101: Three Tricks for a Clutter-Free Kit!

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Makeup Bags 101: Three Tricks for a Clutter-Free Kit!

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Is your makeup a little less than organized? Let’s face it, our makeup bags can get a little out of hand! If you are ready to take back control of your kit, these 3 tips for clutter-free makeup bags can help you do the trick!

First off, why should we keep neat makeup bags?

When your makeup collection is disheveled and messy, you can end up losing products, breaking or damaging delicate shadow pallets or face compacts. That’s a lot of wasted money down the tube! Before anything disastrous happens, take the time to find a safe spot for everything in your bag. This will help with the damage control, and make keep you from losing or throwing away good products before their time!

That being said, the flip side to this is you may find that you’re harboring tons of old products that it’s time to let go of. Be aware of the shelf life of each product, and try to throw it out on time! It’s hard to let go of an expensive mascara that still has a few drops left in it, but using out of date makeup can result in clumpy or runny application, or ever skin irritations. Clean out the old, and make some space for the new! It will feel good to freshen things up in your makeup bag.

If you still need convincing, the final reason to keep our makeup bags straight is because of germs and nasty bacteria that find their way into messes! If you just toss your brushes in along with everything else, dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria will end up all over your brushes. When you go to apply your makeup to your face, guess what else you’ll be applying?? That’s right, you’ll be sweeping layers of dirt and germs right onto your skin! Um, ew! Keeping your brushes in a special place apart from the rest of your makeup is crucial, not only for keeping the brushes themselves nice and damage-free, but keeping your skin clean and healthy as well!

Okay okay, you get it— you should keep your makeup bags organized! But how do you set up the perfect makeup bag? Lets get to the 3 tricks for keeping your makeup bags neat and clean, with as little effort as possible!!

Trick number 1: Buy the right bag!

Many makeup bags on the market are actually predesigned to be organized. Imagine that! Whenever you look for a bag in the store, check for features like inner pockets, zippers, shelving, brush holders, etcetera before making your purchase. It’s so much easier to always put your brushes back in place when there’s a convenient slot already dedicated to holding your brush!

Trick number 2: Make it a habit!

They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I say it takes just one! Simply decide that from this day forward (or whatever day you buy a new bag or decide to clean out yours), you will put every product back to where it belongs as soon as you’re finished with it. If you do it every single time, it only takes seconds, and it will never get messy!! It’s such a simple solution, and I know from experience that it works. My makeup bags had always been disasters, but one day I decided the cleanliness and longevity of my makeup was important to me, and vowed from then on to just put my products back immediately after each use. Years later, my trick still works, and my makeup has been lasting longer than ever before!

Trick number 3: organize the makeup!


Before you can keep it orderly, you have to put it in order! Decide what your must-haves are, then place the items you use on a daily basis on the counter or floor in front of you. Move everything else off to the side to be kept at home. Clean off each product first to stop the spread of makeup residue, then choose one compartment in your bag for compacts, one for lip and eye liners, one for brushes (if one is not built in, I would use a special brush holding kit for this one, and place it inside the bag), and one for tube-shaped products. Memorize what goes where, and simply return it to its assigned location after every single use! Tada, your makeup bags should all stay in perfect order from now on. 


Congratulations! You now have the tools to create your own personalized space for makeup. Now you have room for those products you’ve been drooling over on your favorite Kandee Johnsonvideos!  Stock up on what you need, get the right bag, get everything organized, and enjoy your makeup, stress-free!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties! <3

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