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Makeup Tips

Makeup tips are the best. Sometimes the simplest little makeup idea can change everything you ever thought about makeup application. And simple equals better in my book. Every girl wants to look her best, even on a natural makeup day when you have little time for that oh so perfect makeup application. Let’s be honest. Some of those gorgeous looks we love do take a lot of time and effort, and the effect is worth it. But honestly, most days we are in such a hurry once that morning coffee has finally kicked in, that we need some quick and easy ways to look polished and flawless in a flash. Here are three of my very favorite makeup tips that are my go-tos to fit my busy life.

Flawless on Fleek!

To fake that I just woke up looking perfect (because I really put on makeup photoshopped this pic) look, create a no makeup look with just a touch of help from your favorite makeup primer and concealer. This is my daily go-to and I love the ease and the flawless finish. Plus, I can sleep a little bit later! That’s a win!

Things you need:

  • Your favorite morning skin care routine
  • Your favorite face primer
  • Your favorite concealer
  • Your favorite loose powder
  • Your soft, fluffy blending brush
  • Your favorite lip gloss


  • Wash away the sleep, and apply your good morning skin care routine. You won’t want to skip your skin care products!
  • Brush your beautiful white teeth while your products soak in so you don’t waste them by rubbing them off before they dry.
  • Apply your favorite primer just to the areas that might be oily, to conceal your pores. Place a pea size on your clean finger and dab to the desired areas. Using your fingers, press the product into your skin instead of rubbing or swiping. You want the primer to stay on your face, not wipe off on your fingers.
  • Dab you favorite concealer only where you need it. Tap it into place with little tapping motions, so that you get the coverage you need. I like to put it under my eyes, on my eyelids, down the bridge of my nose, around the red area under my nose (most of us are a little red there), and then on any other imperfections I might see. You will blend it better in the next step.
  • Take your big soft  blending makeup brush and tap it into a little loose translucent powder. You don’t want a lot of powder because you want to look soft, not caky. Use just enough to blend and smooth for that perfect illusion of a flawless complexion.
  • Blend the powder over your entire face, including your eyelids, to set the concealer and to create the most beautiful no makeup makeup. No one will be wiser to your little secret!:)

The Brows Have It!

Have you ever noticed how much your brows have to say about the contours of your face, the brightness of your eyes, and your expression, both verbal and nonverbal? If you have to get out the door in a hurry and only have time to play up one feature, the brows have it. Eyebrow makeup can stand on its own, giving your face the definition it needs. This is another of my favorite makeup looks. While I do love getting all glammed up as much as the next girl, I will admit that a more natural, glowing look is my favorite. That’s why I always clean my face really well before bed and I never skip my skin care routine. Beautiful skin needs less makeup, but I am always thankful for my friend, Concealer, who hides my flaws in his sneaky, quiet way.:)

Things you will need:

  • A neutral eyeshadow color
  • A small fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • An eyebrow pencil in your perfect eyebrow color
  • An eyebrow powder or eyeshadow powder in your eyebrow color
  • An angled eyeshadow brush
  • Concealer
  • Lip gloss in your favorite color


  • Dab a little concealer where you need it, and blend with your fluffy brush.
  • Tap a little neutral eyeshadow onto your fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend just below and slightly up into your brow. This will clean up the area beneath your brows if you don’t have time for perfect eyebrow grooming and will give your eyebrow makeup something to hold on to so it will last all day.
  • Sharpen your eyebrow pencil and shape you brows, following their natural contour. Use tiny strokes going in the direction that your eyebrow hair grows so that it looks like you have added natural brows, not makeup.
  • Dab a little bit of the eyebrow powder or eyeshadow in your brow color onto your angled eyeshadow brush, and lightly fill your brows to your desired look.
  • Layer on a little lip gloss and voila! Natural beauty!

Flawless On Fleek, The Brows Have It, AND Masacara

  • *When I’m in a hurry but I’m feeling extra crazy, I will combine Flawless on Fleek with The brows Have It  AND (drum roll)

These are my favorite makeup tips for those days that I just don’t have the will power or the time to amp it up. I like to call them my day at the beach makeup look, because the beach is my favorite place in the world. Give me that ocean air and my toes in the sand, and I am in heaven.

On other days, when I feel like making a statement, I will do a fancy winged eyeliner with all the trimmings, like contouring and highlighting my face for a dramatic, high fashion look. I love how girly and feminine that winged eyeliner look makes me feel.  I love the feminine power of that bold, defined and sculpted look. I love the laid back sweetness of the natural makeup look.That’s the fun of makeup! You can reinvent your look, day after day!

Have fun creating your own easy day makeup look with these easy makeup tips. Use your own creativity to bring out your natural beauty! Remember that is is the beauty of your heart that counts, so let that inner beauty shine through in all you do and say! Beautiful you, from the inside out!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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