Monavie Active FAQ

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What are the ingredients in MonaVie

19 Superfruits including Açai,berry,Acerola,Apple,Banana,Bilberry,Blackberry,Blackberry,Blueberry,Cherry,Cranberry,Elderberry,Grape,Kiwi,Pear,Pinapple,Passionfruit,Pomegranate,Prune,White Grape,Wolfberry ..PLANT-BASED GLUCOSAMINE Active contains one of the few plant-based sources of glucosamine. Each 60 mL serving contains 750 mg of vegan-friendly glucosamine. Derived from corn, this non-animal, non-shellfish glucosamine can be consumed by those with shellfish allergies.* Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

Where can I get MonaVie Locally?

You can connect with a local MONAVIE DISTRIBUTOR at the MonaVie Finder site.

Who makes MonaVie Active

You can get more information about the corporation at Jeunesse

How do I order the Original MonaVie?

You can ORDER MONAVIE online by the case or call 972-800-6670

What are the case sizes of MonaVie?

MonaVie now ships in 4 bottles to a case, 8 bottles to a case,16 bottles to a case, and 24 bottles to a case. Bulk Orders available by pallet.

How to get a MonaVie Coupon for discount on monthly autoship?

Monthly Savings call 972-800-6670

Where can I get MonaVie Active Locally?

The best this is to look up a MonaVie Distributor in your area and they ccan typically get it to you directly.

Can I resell MonaVie?

Yes there are wholesale programs available call 972-800-6670

Where do I learn about the MonaVie business opportunity?

To become a MonaVie Local Distributor JOIN THE FAMILY , Leads and Business Development TOP OFF available

What is a MonaVie Affiliate?

An affiliate acts as a SUPER USER and can earn5% up to 15% of their sales through their affiliate link, based on volume of sales and approval.

How do I become a paid MonaVie Influencer?

We use ziigg the INFLUENCER OFFER ENGINE to manage our influencers. If you have over 1 million active subscribers we can pay you a engagement fee based on qualifications. To become a Monavie Influencer visit ziigg

What is BLAK Water or Mineral?

We are happy to offer MX2O Mineral Water …coming soon!!!

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