Natural Makeup Look

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A natural makeup look is a must for every girl’s daily go to. Let’s be honest, most of us would rather catch a few more zzz’ s than wake up early enough to do full makeup for our normal everyday routines. Girl’s have better things to do, right? Getting all glammed up with the full makeup arsenal is really fun, and it does make you feel fabulous, but nothing beats a gorgeous natural makeup look that let’s your true beauty shine through. Even the girliest of girls needs to know how to make makeup look natural.:)

Natural Makeup Look

A natural makeup look is easy and quick. And going for a natural look is not the same as going completely natural, so don’t worry! You don’t have to have a perfect complexion to go for a no makeup look! Making sure that you follow a great skin care routine will help give you more confidence in the natural beauty of your own skin. A little primer, some strategically placed concealer, some pretty highlighter, and a translucent loose powder, along with your fluffy blending makeup brush, can have those little imperfections looking perfect with a quick slight of the hand!

We all have imperfections, so don’t get bogged down in hating yours. Learning to love and embrace those things that make you human has a power all its own. Try going completely makeup free sometimes, and let your confidence and kindness shine through. You will be surprised at how little your makeup matters as you become the best version of yourself. I love to wear makeup too, and most days I do wear at least a little, but I shouldn’t be uncomfortable without it.Your beautiful heart is the truest marker of beauty, so never underestimate the beauty of you! Flaws and all, you are perfectly and wonderfully made. That plus our friend, concealer, is very freeing!

Natural Eye Makeup

This natural makeup tutorial will tell you how to do my favorite natural eye makeup. You can go completely bare, but I like to add a little pop without much makeup.


  • Prime your eyes with your favorite primer. I love to use one that has a pretty natural color so that my eyelids look great in just a few seconds. Apply a small amount of primer to your finger and press into the lids until you have a pretty, bended  coverage.


  • Honestly, concealer is probably the one makeup product that I can’t live without. It covers any imperfections in a flash, and gives me a fake flawlessness that I love. Apply your concealer beneath your eyes and into the corners, pressing and rolling as you go so that the product stays where you want it. If you want, you can apply it your eyelids as well, to give that even toned perfection we all love.


If you are in a hurry, you can skip this part, but it does add a pretty finish to you natural makeup look.

  • Choose your favorite matt neutral and sweep over your entire lid, all the way up to your eyebrows.
  • Take your highlighting color and dab into the inner corner of your eyes and just beneath your brows to give a beautiful light to your eyes.

Transluscent Powder

  • Sweep powder over everything you have done to set your look and to give your eyebrow makeup something to hold on to.


  • Fill in your brows with little strokes of your pencil and use your spooly brush to make them look naturally gorgeous!


  • Top it all off with a few sweeps of black mascara, and you are good to go!

There you go beauties! Have fun going natural and make it a great day!

Happy beautiful life!

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