Organic Makeup Brands

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Organic Makeup Brands

Hey babes! Are you looking for some new organic makeup brands for your makeup routine? If you’re like me you want to go as natural as possible. It’s important to me to stay away from parabens chemicals and other unnatural and artificial ingredients that are found in many make up products. Turns out whatever you put on your skin go straight into your body into your bloodstream, and into every cell.

Organic Makeup Brands

Organic makeup brands do not contain harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, but instead are all natural and good for your skin and for your body. Finding a good orangic make up brand can be a bit daunting since the organic make up lines are relatively new. The last organic make up I tried came out of the tube as a big wad of goopy mess and did not lay well on my skin. It was oily, thick, sticky, and proceeded to melt right off my face.

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Organic makeup makes great sense to me since I am very careful about eating clean foods. As much as possible, I stick to organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed meats.I include healthy fats such as nuts, coconut oil, avocado, and eggs.Turns out that eating healthy fats and less carbs gives me more energy and a smaller waist line. It seems to me that if I take so much care of what I eat, I should take as much care about what I put on my face. I have become all natural in my skin care routine, and I am now on a mission to find organic make up that has a great texture, a beautiful finish, and all natural ingredients that agree with my sensitive skin.

Organic Concealer

I was in Ulta the other day, looking for an organic concealer that would cover my dark circles and yet look pretty on my skin when I used it to cover blemishes and other red areas. I prefer to skip foundation on a daily basis, so I need a concealer that will also provide pretty coverage on my face. I’m talking about spot concealing, so I need to be sure that it is a perfect skin match to my skin tone. There was a nice guy working there who helped me find Juice Beauty Ultimate Concealer. He told me that it was all natural and coconut oil based. That struck a fancy with me since I am a fan of coconut oil. I have only been using this coconut oil-based concealer from Juice Beauty for a little over a week now, but I absolutely love it. The texture is very thin, non-greasy, and blends very well under my eyes, and on any other trouble areas on my skin where redness occurs. I like how blurry the overall effect of the concealer is, and I do not think that it creases, kicks up, or makes my pores appear more noticeable like some concealers can. I will be reviewing a lot of organic make up products from Juice Beauty as I use them. Natural beauty from the inside out. Beauty that is good for you too. That’s a plus!

Happy beautiful life!

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