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Organic Milk


Hey babes! Get ready for a showdown: organic milk versus regular milk! Let’s find out which is better! Check out my video tutorial to find out what kind of milk I prefer to drink in order to keep my body in a good healthy balance. If you have been wondering why organic milk is better for you than regular milk, and you’re ready to take the next step and go organic, this video will give you the information that you need! Follow me to my favorite local coffee shop and see what kind of organic milk creamer I like to add it to my organic coffee, and you will be one step closer to living in organic clean lifestyle! 

Organic milk vs Regular Milk

Why go organic?

There have always been controversial opinions when it comes to the topic of organic foods. Are organic foods really better for your health then conventionally processed foods? Many people have written off organic foods as all hype, and do not believe that they are worth the higher prices. New studies show however that switching to organic foods actually does benefit your health in so many ways! Some foods you can still get by with eating the conventional versions without too many problems, but there are many foods that are extremely important to buy organic. If you are going to switch to organic food products, which ones are most important to swap first? One of the first swaps that you should make when you are going organic is swapping out your conventional milk with organic milk!!

Organic milk: why is it better for you?

It’s all about balance! Like I always say, balance is essential in every aspect of life. You have to balance the things that you do in your life in order to maintain mental and physical health. The same can be said for the balance of nutrients that you must take in in your daily diet! Many of you already count the macro nutrients that you consume each day, especially if you are trying to reach certain fitness and nutrition goals, such as losing fat or building muscle. But what you might not be considering is the balance of a sensual fatty acids in the foods that you consume! Many of us are guilty of consuming too many processed foods, food cooked on high temperature using vegetable oils, and other foods that contain a high level of omega-6 fatty acid. Although it is an essential fat, consuming too much omega-6 essential fatty acid compared to your omega-3 fatty acid can throw your body out of balance, and cause all kinds of problems that you do not want to have. In order to maintain a healthy body, you need to shoot for a ratio of about 2:3 when it comes to omega-6 to omega-3. There are several ways that you can create this better balance in your body, and one of the easiest ways is by swapping out your conventional milk for organic milk.

Organic milk versus regular milk: essential fatty acid balance!

Drinking organic milk instead of drinking regular milk will improve the balance of omega six fatty acids to omega-3, because not only does organic milk contain a rich quantity of omega-3 fatty acid, but it also will keep you from drinking regular milk which will have the opposite effect on your body. I know you are not only reduce your intake of omega six, but you are also adding in a rich source of omega-3! It’s a double whammie!

What makes organic milk better for you than regular milk?

Like many organic foods organic milk is made without the use of harmful chemicals or added hormones. Consuming these things can wreak havoc on your body and your health. Organic milk is produced by cows who eat a grass diet. Conventional milk is processed, and comes from cows who are fed a diet of corn. The cows that are fed corn produce milk that contains more omega six, and not enough omega-3. That means that when you consume the milk that is produced from the cows that are for the corn diet, you will be taking into much omega six omega-3, in your body will become out of balance.

Organic Milk

Consuming organic milk however will keep your body in the balance of essential fatty acid is that you need! Organic milk also contains more protein than conventional milk, so not only are you getting a good balance of essential fats, but you were also getting more protein per serving. If you were trying to make gains in the gym, or if you want to build muscle, you know how important getting enough protein is. Everyone needs to consume the proper amount of protein per day for their height and weight as well as their activity level. Protein is he sensual for building muscle, and for stabilizing blood sugar, as well as promoting proper brain function and simply staying alive. 😉 Organic milk Will help you take in the proper macros that you need, and is great to have for breakfast because it has a little bit of each a sensual macro nutrient do you start your day. You will find energy-providing carbs, lasting protein, and of course, a great balance of essential fatty acid’s omega-3 and omega six! That is what I call a breakfast of champions. Adding organic milk to your morning routine by putting it on your organic oats, in your organic coffee, or in a green smoothie will kick start your day with a blast of energy and a fired up metabolism! Get ready to conquer the world with organic milk!

I hope that you guys find this information to be helpful, and that this video will help you in your organic goals. You’ve got this team!!!

Keep living that fit life, babes!

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