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My Personal Health Update! Guys! For the past few years I have been practicing martial arts. I have earned my black belt from Taekwondo Schools USA, where I continue to train, teach and empower others. Teaching Taekwondo is my passion! I plan to earn my way to becoming a master in both Taekwondo and Wing Chun Fun Fu. Going to work feels like fun and is super energizing. I love to help other people love martial arts training like I do. There is nothing like the confidence boost that comes for knowing you can take charge in any situation.

Taekwondo School Near Me

My search began when a medical condition made me have to withdraw from my college career. I was very sad a depressed because I loved school and was earning a 4.0. I had a plan for my future that I thought would make me happy. As it turns out, the very disappointment that brought me home also led to my current happy place! I needed to rebuild my strength and had always wanted to do marital arts. So at the age of 19 I thought, if not now when? I marched my to the taekwondo school near me, took a class and fell in love. I love it so much that I could talk about it for hours.

I finally found a full time job teaching taekwondo, and while it isn’t earring my great wealth, I am rich with joy, passion, and the rewards of helping other people become all they can be. If you can achieve all of your fitness goals while having the time of your life, why not give it a try yourself? You don’t have to be a fanatic to achieve great health, strength and flexibility. And if you can throw in unbeatable self defense, why not?

Personal Health

Have you ever just wanted to up your level of personal health without having to become a fanatic? Have you wondered if there is any way to just up my energy level, my fitness and my good vibes without committing to hours of sweating and becoming somewhat cultish? Are you thinking that at your age you just want to improve things but not win contests? Well, have I got a deal for you!


Research shows that just a half-hour of moderately intense exercise a day can improve your health and extend your life. Hey – I can do that! A nice thirty minute walk in the neighborhood is certainly doable. It picks up my spirits and gives my energy level a boost as well. And, in cold weather, the gym nearby gives senior discounts and is an excellent place to walk and even do a few weights. Wow – just a few reps and I can see the difference. Whoa – don’t want to become a fanatic! But, hey, I did drop a dress size without any sweat!

Personal Health

I’m now sorta stuck on that walking deal – makes me more upbeat and mentally alert. And from what I read I am lowering my blood pressure, increasing flexibility by strengthening muscles, reducing my chance of developing diabetes by nearly 60%, upping my immune system and cutting the risk of developing blood clots. Wow! All that benefit and I’m not really sweating yet!

Does drinking water help you lose weight

Another easy one – fuel up with water. Our bodies need water to process calories. Even in mild dehydration our metabolism slows. So, no more sweet or diet drinks. Now I drink only water and unsweet tea. I’ve been attending seminars on Brain Health where it was emphasized that our brain, which is 75% water, becomes dehydrated when we are only mildly thirsty. This makes us sluggish in thought and may also produce headaches. Great day in the morning, I can surely hydrate my brain. The brain is even more fascinating than I thought. New research is amazing – they must drink lots of water!


ls make me lethargic – and probably fat. But a light, high protein meal gives me energy and a feeling of mobility that I love. Love when that tummy gets flatter and flatter! Good sources of protein include lean beef, turkey, fish, chicken, eggs and low fat dairy. I am loving my smoothies with low fat, low sugar yogurt, fruit and skim milk – quick and energy boosting. My favorite is this strawberry banana smoothie!


Black coffee gets me going in the mornings. It boosts our workouts. So, if you enjoy coffee, just don’t overdo. And learn to love it black. Speaking of color, recharge with green tea throughout the day. Revs up the metabolism and is purported to do a great many other good things. See – you don’t have to be a chemist to just do it!

If you want to shed some pounds, just be sure to avoid crash diets. Too few calories just slow the metabolism. It won’t be long lasting. Learn to eat a good well balanced diet – just omit sugars and anything with white flour – and replace that with fruits and vegetables of all colors – but lots of greens, please. I promise that just that much food adjustment will cause you to drop pounds and inches. It will also boost your energy level.


Now top that off with sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night. Rise early and eat a healthful breakfast. Make time for friends. I find that I need to schedule myself loosely in order to accomplish what I need to do. My interests are varied and it is easy to get off the course. I need time for prayer and reading my Bible. I do budget time for volunteer work. I love being with family and friends. Some days I really blow half a day – but then I just kick myself and try to get back on the track to healthy living. 

Amazing how this non- fanatical approach to healthy living invigorates my life, helps me maintain a good weight, and lets me lead an active energy burning life. I’m not going to win any poster girl contests or set any racing records. But I am active, motivated, involved and leading a thankful and still productive life. And I don’t sweat all that much! 

Want to join this Personal Health Club? The fees are very low and the outcomes amazingly remarkable. Just a sensible way of adding joy and hope to our lives.

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