Positive Mental Attitude

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Positive Mental Attitude

positive mental attitude fills our lives with energy, joy and great experiences. The person with a positive attitude is attractive, winsome and influential. Positive living can change our day; it can change our lives and our lifestyles.  It is worthy of cultivation. It is a goal worth seeking. And you can develop a positive attitude. You really can!

How to have a positive mental attitude

The results of developing a positive attitude will be a fuller, richer and happier life. It will open new doors of opportunity, promote new relationships and provide a sense of satisfaction to the everydayness of every day. It will put a spring in your step and a bounce in your giddy-up. It screams youth, energy and hope to a crying world. How can I become this gift to others, this confident person, this less needy being, this catalyst for making things happen?

Just wishing or dreaming or thinking I should does not open the door or make the transformation. We must be motivated. We need to see the pluses that await us, the negative vibes that weary us, and make the decision to change. Desiring to be healthy, yet continuing to spend hours on the couch withmunchies, does not produce fitness. Neither does continuing to feed the negativity and defeat in our lives produce positive growth and a buoyant spirit.


Motivation is the action figure that pushes us out of our defeated lives and into the realm of taking the first required steps to move toward a positive attitude culminating in a more productive life. A positive attitude attracts positive people. It is the firecracker that gives us the initiative and determination to make necessary changes that turn our mundane days into positive, productive, successful and happy years.

What motivates you? There are stacks of books written on the subject. There are lectures to attend. There are tapes for listening to motivational speakers. Some are very good and helpful. Bottom line, motivation is the result of our determination to make a change. Fan the spark of motivation so that it ignites the positive in your life. Determine to move forward, to improve your life, to reach out and make someone else’s life better.

Postive Mental Attitude

You may need to have markers in your life to aid in developing the margins. Starting with making sure that you sleep 7-8 hours a night so that you have what is needed for the next day. Set an early alarm and learn not to hit the snooze button. Try starting your day with a short time of meditation and prayer. List three things for which you are thankful each day. Only three per day. Make your bed, get your coffee and breakfast. And immediately dress for the day or for the gym. Keep moving – no pauses in between. When weather permits, walk 30 minutes briskly breathing in the joy of life.

All through the day, check that you are on course. The tendency will be to drop back into old habits. Set your phone to buzz you every two hours to remind you that you are in control and are staying on course. Whatever the circumstances or challenges of the day, remind yourself to be motivated to choosing the paths that lead to a life with a positive mental attitude. It is habit forming but, even better, it is contagious. You may see others following in your footsteps. You will find that you are less stressed and that you are no longer exhausted at the end of the day. Tired, but a good tired. It is worth the effort.

Positive attitude quotes

Never say, that’s just the way I am. We do not fully develop our full potential physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Motivation will help us to be more optimistic, to live a life of hope. It will help us be resilient when hard times come our way. We will be more enthusiastic and full of life. We will emit joyous energy. We will be more focused and grounded and able to be stronger and more effective in our no longer mundane lives.

I am motivated to living life to its fullest and being a light in my little area of this magnificent universe. There are days when circumstances win out and I may feel defeated. When this happens, let’s be kind to ourselves. Perhaps we need some extra rest, a vacation, some time with a loved one – a time to recharge. Remember that activity is not the same as positive attitude. Motivation may lead us to quiet days of reading and sharing. It is really just finding and knowing that we have a purpose – and then using all of our gifts to enhance the living out of that purpose.

My motivation is fed by the determination to help others along the way. Won’t you be my team mate?

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