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Hey babes! Check out this awesome, healthy salad from our lovely Italian chef!

She makes the best food! Seriously, every recipe she gives us is filled with love, flavor, and only organic and healthy foods. She makes eating clean seem simple!  You won’t ever feel deprived, and sometimes you will feel like you are cheating. Check out this one of her delicious green salad recipes and you may want to start making salads a regular part of your healthy fitness and nutrition plan!

Green Salad Recipe

Eating clean will change your health and outlook more than you might think! The extra planning it takes is totally worth it!I hope you will fill your plates with all of the nutritional goodness of this beautiful meal! Remember, you food is precious fuel for your amazing body, so eat clean, eat often, and eat well!  Your body will thank you! You will heave all the energy you need to do the things you love! Just do it! Enjoy!Happy beautiful life!

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