Senior Dental Insurance

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Your ‘Original Medicare’ does not cover for dental treatments and nor do the ‘Medigap supplement plans’ cover for the same. Getting a dental check-up or a treatment is expensive but it is equally essential for your wellbeing especially if you are a senior citizen.

Getting dental insurance for seniors might seem like a difficult task but if you use Medicare, it should not be tedious. There are two options for you to choose from, which have been listed as follows.

Medicare Advantage Plan
The first option is for you to enroll in a ‘Medicare Advantage Plan.’ This plan includes the vision, prescription drug, and dental coverage. It is a basic coverage plan and the premium cost will be included in the advantage premium. The premium is very low thereby making this plan a good option. However, you need to keep in mind that the benefits will be limited to the cleaning, X-rays, and exams. If you want a comprehensive coverage, you will have to invest in a stand-alone dental plan. Once you enroll in this plan, it will automatically include the dental coverage.

Stand-Alone Dental Plan
While buying dental insurance for seniors, you should ideally go for a ‘Stand-Alone Dental Plan.’ This plan is sold by private insurance companies and you do not need to coordinate the same through a ‘Medicare Advantage Plan.’ There is a separate premium and the plan is considered affordable for the coverage. The cost of this plan will depend on the coverage you choose and usually, the premiums range anywhere between $19 to $39.

The best dental insurance for seniors will cover a range of services. However, when buying a ‘Stand-Alone Dental Plan,’ you will have to take a good look at the coverage provided under the plan. The level of coverage varies from one plan to another and the benefits you choose. Most plans provide for cleanings, X-rays, check-ups, crowns, root canals, fillings, dentures, and extractions. If you want an additional coverage, you will have to pick a plan that offers the same and the premium for the same will be on a higher side.

It is extremely important for you to invest in a quality dental insurance, eye and vision insurance for seniors for your wellbeing. Dental hygiene is important and at an older age, there will be an additional requirement of cleaning and filling. The insurance cover will provide for the same at a reasonable cost.

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