Simple Skincare Products Review

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A review of the Simple Skincare cleansing products I have tried and LOVED! 

simple skincare product review

The Simple Skincare line caught my attention with it’s clean, fresh looking packaging, and its promise of NO harsh chemicals that can upset your skin, and NO artificial perfumes or dyes! I’m all about being kind to my skin by using as natural of products that I can, without sacrificing quality. I’ve used many natural cleansers in the past, but the Simple Skincare line is definitely becoming one of my faves! Let’s get right to my Simple Skincare cleansing product review!

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash

This is the first step in my current cleansing routine. I shower at night, so I use this product in the shower to wash my face, and begin to remove my makeup. It has a nice, lathery texture, so a little goes a long way. With clean fingers, lather it up, and massage your wet face with the product in small, gentle circles. Rinse away, and pat dry!

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

I absolutely fell in LOVE with this product! It really feels like I’m getting every bit of makeup and dirt off of my face and our of my pores. Simply pour a bit out onto a clean cotton pad, and massage it all over your eyes, then face and neck. Even after I have taken a shower and washed my face, I still see makeup on my cotton pad when I’ve finished this step! You are not required to rinse this product off of your face, and it has a completely watery texture, so you won’t feel oily or gross after only wiping it off with your cotton pad.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

This is a very nice and gentle exfoliating product. It works into a rich lather, and the tiny beads remove deep down dirt and oil trapped within your pores. Make sure you use a regular facial cleanser before using an exfoliating product, because otherwise, you are only scrubbing dirt and oil back into your pores! Start with clean skin, then wet your face and apply a small amount of the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub in your hand, and work it all over your face in small circles. Avoid the delicate eye area, because the exfoliation will be too harsh for the thin skin around the eyes. Your skin will feel fresh and squeaky clean! You will notice an improvement in tone and texture, and your pores will be clearer and blackhead free after a while.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I like the ingredients in this product, and overall it does do a good job of removing makeup and oil from my face. The only issue I had personally when using this product was that the cloth was not as soft as some other facial cleansing wipes that I have used, so it tended to cause a slight irritation around mu sensitive eye area. If I am only removing face makeup, or using these wipes to remove sweat and oil after a tough workout at the gym, then I definitely love this product! If I have to remove eye makeup, I would probably stick with the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and a cotton pad.


Simple Skincare is a great line with some awesome options for cleansing products, especially if you have sensitive skin or you prefer to use products that do not contain harsh chemicals or artificial dyes and perfumes. The cleansing products are high quality and work very well, and the ingredients do not upset my sensitive skin! I give Simple Skincare two thumbs up when it comes to their cleansing line. 

Enjoy taking care of your naturally beautiful faces, babes!

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