Sweet Potato Nutrition

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Sweet Potato Nutrition

sweet potato nutrition

Check out these sweet potato nutrition facts! Ok my favorites babes, it looks like we can have our french fries and eat them too!! I mean, let’s admit it, we all have those times when nothing will do but a dose of carb-laden comfort food. You know, when those hormones are raging, or we have been disappointed by someone, or we’ve been working really hard and need a reward?


So it turns out that I have great news for all of us fitness minded gals! There is a healthy way to indulge in some fabulously comforting, blues-chasing, anxiety-erasing, hormone-changing, crazy-good-tasting, hot and crispy fries, without blowing your hard-earned fitness gains. Yep! It’s no joke! It’s all thanks to the sensational sweet potato!  You can safely indulge in these little wonders without setting yourself back, and with positive impact on your health.  Check these sweet potato nutrition facts!



Ok, we all know that our female cycles can leave us a little lacking in the iron department,  but did you know that iron plays other roles in our bodies as well? Without it, we wouldn’t make enough white or red blood cells. Most of know that without enough red blood cells our energy can go from 60 to 0, and before we know it, we can wind up dragging around like a floppy little rag doll. It can take quite a while to restore those important little red cells with proper nutritional support, often coupled with supplements as ordered by your doctor.

Those white blood cells are the building blocks of our immune system that are so important for helping our bodies fight off infections and diseases. One medium sweet potato contains about 4% of your daily needs, so they are a great addition to your diet.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a role in a healthy red and white cell blood count too, but it’s also an important player in your energy levels. We’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to see, so we don’t want to mess around with eating a poor diet and not having that awesome energy to live well! That’s why these sweet potato nutrition facts are so on fleek! And guys! Vitamin B6 not only helps boost energy, but it also can lower you homocysteine levels, protecting you from future heart disease! Healthy heart, healthy life!



The awesome sweet potato contains a healthy dose of bloat-reducing fiber, and will help keep you as regular as clockwork. That keeps you nicely detoxed, full of energy, and, as a bonus, you will experience less bloating. We all love those days! Fiber also helps your body fight cancer, heart disease, and helps you feel full longer after eating. Another bonus: detoxed skin is beautiful skin, giving you a beautiful palette for applying your organic mineral makeup! 

   Blood Sugar

Sweet potatoes are a low glycemic food, which means that the sugars they contain are slowly released into your bloodstream after eating, preventing those post-meal insulin spikes that can cause a crash, and can even lead to diabetes. Slowly digested carbs can also help us manage our weight, and can sustain our energy during exercise.


Everyone needs to maintain a healthy potassium level, but for my fitness pals, the sweet potato nutrition facts point to them as wonderful pre- or post-workout buddy. Potassium is important for maintaining your electrolytes, reducing those annoying muscle cramps, as well as menstrual cramps, and protecting your kidneys.


Ok – enough about the sweet potato nutrition facts. What about the promised fries? I will give you my favorite recipe, but you can always take the easy way out (you can be sure I do sometimes) and buy the frozen kind. Just read the ingredients and try to get as close to natural as you can. I always use pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil, because it is a very healthful medium-chain monounsaturated fat that’s very good for you. So basically, we will be eating health food and calling it french fries!!!! Do you love me now? 

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.


Slice one medium sweet potato into wedges, or your favorite french fry shape. I soften mine for about 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave to make them easier to cut, since like to keep my fingers intact. 

Melt two tablespoons of pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil.

Put potatoes and oil into a bowl and toss to coat the fries with oil.

Season for your taste bud pleasure.

Pour onto a baking sheet and spread them evenly so they have room to becomes nice and crispy!

Toss them in the oven for 15 minutes, then flip them with a spatula, and bake for anther 10 to 15 minutes, or until they are just the way you love them.

Enjoy them without any guilt, because as we have proven with these sweet potato nutrition facts, these fries are good for you!

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