Vegan Pizza

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Vegan Pizza

Oh my gosh! Check out this amazing and easy vegan pizza that has my mouth doing the happy dance! I have to eat gluten free and dairy free, and this gluten free pizza recipe has got it going on when it comes to fitting my nutrition needs. This is one of my favorite vegan pizza recipes, because it uses Udi’s frozen gluten free pizza crust, which fits into my busy life. I love to eat clean, healthy food, so any little hack that makes my cooking life easier is always appreciated!

Since it’s Friday, I’m thinking it’s the perfect night, turn on my favorite movie, and enjoy the best gluten free vegan pizza that I can make at home in a flash! Or, if I am feeling like making this pizza less of a cheat and sticking to my low carb plan, I can make cauliflower pizza crust without too much trouble. It is so good!!

Check out this best vegan pizza recipe and love your cheat night!

 Vegan Pizza

Here’s a word from the awesome chef!

We hope you enjoy this delightful dish as much as we do! You can put any veggie you like on it, or just substitute whatever you have on hand! This is definitely a family favorite! Use the frozen crust when you are in a hurry, or make a cauliflower or black bean crust if you have the time. Any way you make it, it is delicious and satisfying.  Oh, and it’s good for you too! What could be better than that?

We usually put red bell peppers on ours, but we were fresh out. We don’t usually put eggplant on our pizza either but it was a surprisingly delicious addition. The more we make these types of recipes, the more we love experimenting with different vegetables. I never would’ve thought that an eggplant on a pizza would taste good, but it is so delicious. The type of crust you use also make a huge difference; we used UDI’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust since we were in a rush, but you can also make black-bean crust, cauliflower crust…literally anything. Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun with it!

What you need:
UDI’S Gluten Free Pizza Crust – This crust is thin, crispy, slightly sweet, and oh so good!
Daiya Vegan Cheese – I love this vegan cheese for it’s almost real cheese flavor. If you are unable to tolerate real dairy, like I am, you might be fooled by the excellent melting and stringing, along with the full flavor. It’s worth the extra calories per slice!
Tomatoes –  We also really love using sundries tomatoes for that extra punch of flavor and chewy texture.
Eggplant – You can stick with eggplant, or you can substitute with a veggie of your choice. We usually use red bell peppers.
Red Onion – Punches up the flavor like crazy!
Baby Spinach – What a fu way to get some greens in your diet!
Olive Oil – Including olive oil in your daily fare is a really smart decision!
Tomato Cashew Cream Sauce (homemade) – The nuts are a healthy fat, and this sauce is unreal!
Oregano – Another delicious nutritional boost!
Salt – Go easy, but don’t exclude this necessary mineral from your diet.
Pepper – I love pepper! Use liberally!
Red Pepper Flakes – Revs up the flavor and your metabolism.

I hope you enjoy trying out this delicious vegan pizza!

Happy beautiful life!

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