Vegetarian Pizza

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This delicious vegetarian pizza recipe will have you coming back for more! You won’t believe how your tastebuds will sing once you take of bit of this delectable, gluten free, vegan pizzaGluten free pizza crust topped with homemade cashew sauce, tons of fresh veggies, and even a dairy free cheese to finish things off. We love it and we think you will too!

Healthy RecipesVeggie Pizza, Powered By InclineAre you drooling yet? We have yet to find an easy homemade pizza that we like any better. How about some nice hot pizza and a movie for a Friday night? It won’t even spoil your diet! You know how sometimes regular pizza can leave you feeling bloated, greasy, and way too full? Not so with this delicious recipe, provided you don’t eat the house down. Now that wouldn’t be the fault of the pizza would it? And on a Friday night you might enjoy a cup of dark chocolate cocoa to celebrate your great week!This vegetarian pizza can be a part of your clean eating lifestyle, and can even be a part of your weight loss plan if you save it for a cheat meal that isn’t even unhealthy! Clean eating can include comfort foods that won’t break the bank of all of the work you have put into making  great fitness and nutrition choices throughout the week. You deserve a reward! What’s great about rewarding yourself with this pizza is that it’s loaded with nutrition, and you can even make it a low carb choice by substituting a low carb cauliflower crust!  What? Low carb pizza? You bet:) You can have your pizza without guilt and without ruining your healthy eating plan.This vegetarian pizza is definitely a favorite in our house. Kids of all ages love it. it’s a great way to get everyone to eat their veggies! How’s that for a win! Enjoy!And thanks for watching!