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Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup

It’s time to start planning your wedding makeup because – you said yes! Your true love dropped to his knee and popped the question every girl dreams about. Congratulations! Now the fun of planning your wedding day becomes a reality. Since this will be your big day, and all eyes will be on you, let’s talk about your wedding day makeup. Or better yet, let’s watch this awesome video from Kandee, created to help you do your own makeup on your big day! This is her most requested natural beautiful bridal look!

Wedding Makeup Application Steps according to Kandee


Create a Flawless Canvass


  • Apply your favorite moisturizer


  • Apply a nice airbrush foundation because it will actually make your skin look better, not just hide things. One reason to use the airbrush product is because it will completely cover any  blemishes, dark circles, or red areas that might show through in your photos. This will be a day of being in front of the camera, and you are the star, so keep that in mind while building your wedding makeup look. 🙂
  • Since this type of foundation tends to dry fast, apply as quickly as you can over your entire face. It may seem a little heavier than you are used to, but will you ever look beautiful in all of your photos!


  • Pick a light color and a medium color.
  • Apply the lightest color under the eyebrow to highlight and open your eyes.
  • Use the medium color under the eye and in the triangle area of the inner corner.


  • Since your face has such interesting dimensions, now if the time to play them up and add depth to your beautiful features. Wedding makeup needs to keep the focus on all of the gorgeous angles of your face. Using a deep color that is quite a bit darker than your natural skin –
  • Draw a line down the side of the temple area. Line it up with the outer corner of your eye, extending upward to just a bit above your outer brow.
  • Draw a line underneath your cheekbone – about halfway between the corner of your mouth up to the top of your ear.
  • Draw a line along the base of your brow bone, just where it touches it your eyelid. This is to add depth to the crease.
  • Draw a little upside down parenthesis just under  your bottom lip to help create beautiful fullness for that first kiss!


  • Using your fingers or a sponge, blend, blend, blend! We certainly don’t want you wedding makeup to leave you with stripes on your face:)


  • Set everything with you favorite powder so your wedding makeup will stay perfectly put.



  • Use your favorite primer so that your wedding makeup will stay, even on your amazing eyes. You want him to see your gorgeous sparkle, not messy makeup


  • Take a light nude color that you love and apply it from the bottom of your lash line all the way up to your eyebrow


  • Apply a cream highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and underneath your eyebrow.


  • Using a light shimmering highlighter, apply over the cream highlighter.

Nude color

  • Take your favorite nude color and dust it all over the rest of your eye area.


  • To begin, you will want to use a dark semi waterproof product, like Paint Pot from MAC makeup in black/brown.
  • Apply as an eyeliner on the outer half of the lash line.
  • Take it to a V, making a triangle up onto the outer half of your eyelid.
  • Blend well with your fingers, but be gentle with your delicate skin.
  • Your wedding makeup should have many dimensions, so next apply a beautiful purple/gray color over the black/brown, using a fluffy shadow brush. Keep the dark colors only on the outer half of your eye. The inner half of your lid as well as the whole area from the crease of your eye of your brow line should be nice and light for that beautiful bridal look.
  • To create a beautiful glow, as if you won’t be glowing enough;), dust a pretty copper shadow on top of the darker colors.
  • Layer a light plumb color over the copper shadow.
  • Take a black powder and apply to the outer corner and work to the center of the eyelid. This is to add more depth to that part of your eyes, work it in until you love you wedding makeup look!


  • Using a black gel liner, apply to the water line of your lower lid. This will create a beautiful look.
  • Take the same liner and start at the center of you top lash line and extend outward into a slight wing.
  • With a light hand, line from the center of your lash line all the way to the inner corner of your eye.
  • Gently line your lower lash line.

Gold Shimmer

  • Finish off your shadow and liner by adding a light catching gold shimmer to the front corners, tear ducts, and just beneath to enhance your unforgettable eyes!


  • Take your eyelash curler, and squeezing as close as you can to the base of your lashes, hold for at least 5 seconds to create the most lift and curl. This will really help open up those gorgeous peepers:)


  • Using an angled eyebrow brush, dip it into a gel powder, and shape and fill in your eyebrows, being sure to extend them just a bit past where they end, and bringing definition to the inner corners.



  • Using a bronzing powder, apply in a C shape, just under the cheek bone, up to the side of the temple and even out onto the ear. Blend and blend, because you don’t want anyone to see that you have any wedding makeup showing up where it shouldn’t. You want everything blended and natural looking.

Cream Blush

  • Take a pretty light pink cream blush, and dab just on the center of your cheekbones to create that beautiful blushing bride effect.

Powder Blush

  • Lightly cover the cheekbone area with a pretty powder blush, using a fluffy brush. Blend really well.

Shimmer Cream

  • Apply your pretty, light colored shimmer cream to the tops of your cheekbones.

Shimmer Powder

  • Grab your big fluffy brush, making sure it is free of any colors, and dip it into a light colored shimmer powder. Apply it over the shimmer cream and to the tops of the brow bones to create an absolutely beautiful glow!



  • To create a beautiful natural wedding makeup look, use a pretty pink color, like a nice tea rose.
  • Start with your bottom lip, and sort of square off the bottom edge and then curve upward to create that pretty pout.
  • Create a slightly fuller upper lip.
  • Fill in with the pencil.


  • Apply a pretty light pink lipstick all over your lips.
  • Eyeshadow
  • To set your color and make it stay all night, top it all off with a beautiful shimmering light pink eyeshadow. Your lips will be ready for that first kiss as a married woman:)

You will be the most beautiful bride, and your handsome husband will not be able to take his eyes off of you!

One more thing: be sure to practice your wedding makeup routine so that your wedding day will go without a hitch. And even if it doesn’t, you will still be hitched! 🙂

Happy Wedding!!!

Happy Life!!!

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