What to Eat after a Workout

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Post-Workout Recovery

Fitness is a HUGE part of my life. As a martial artist, I’m always practicing, lifting weights in the gym to compliment my martial arts training, and getting beat up a fair amount as well! The wear and tear that fighting takes on your body is quite detrimental. Any form of impact training can be harsh on the joints, and can start to catch up with you overtime! Even weight lifting alone can put stress on your muscles, joints, and your body in general, so it’s extremely important to use proper form, give your body the restoration it needs between sessions, and refuel yourself with the right nutrition! I love to include drinking my favorite acai berry juice as a part of reducing inflammation so I can recover quickly. I found this juice when I was offered an influencer opportunity as well as a full blown business opportunity. If you are interested in in making money as an influencer, you should check out this legit company.

The Important Stuff:

When you are immediately post-workout, you are at your most critical time to make sure your body recovers well. Here is a little rundown of how I make sure I recover properly, and give my body everything it needs to prevent injury and excess soreness!

Okay now you know generally what to pack, so let’s get into some specifics!

What to Eat After A Workout

  • Here is the scoop on the protein and antioxidants I choose to pack for the gym! Bad pun intended, sorry. I used to pack a protein shaker with a scoop of organic pea protein, which is fine! Lately, however, I have just been sticking natural protein bars in my bag, pretty much just because it’s easier. Also, I looove going to Smoothie King after a sweaty workout to have a real, frozen smoothie, so I don’t want to have protein powder twice! The bar I’ve been loving lately is the chocolate chip, blueberry, or lemon Rx Bar! I would make sure you are having at least 
  • As far as recovery goes, this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART! Getting in antioxidants within 10 minutes of my workout is honestly the best change I ever made in my training protocol. Before I started doing this, I had the absolute worst DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Of course, at first, it is almost lie a victory to feel sore after a workout, but there is a point that it actually hinders your progress, and just your actual life! It finally hit my one day when I realized, I am training so hard every day to be able to react in a self defense situation, but there was no way I could have lifted my leg to kick, or used my arms at all! That was my turning point to find a solution for my DOMS. I started out by bringing little Tupperware filled with dark cherries and blueberries, and I started to notice a difference. It’s not until I started using my MonaVie Active açai berry juice that I seriously felt the biggest change! 


MonaVie Post Workout 

MonaVie is a super fruit juice that is packed full of antioxidants. They flash-pasteurize the açai berry at the source, so they don’t lose any color, taste, or nutrients! MOnaVie is also sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking. There are 18 other berries and fruits loaded in there as well, so it’s basically an antioxidant powerhouse. After I work out, I drink just 2 ounces of this juice, and I noticed not only a reduction in muscle soreness, but even more impressively, my knees and other joints feel way less inflamed. The longer I have been drinking MonaVie, the less general pain I have in my body, even when I push myself in workouts! It’s pretty awesome!

As I mentioned before other thing that helps me with recovery is foam rolling. I like to take my foam roller with me to use immediately after lifting weights or doing whatever workout I’m doing that day. If you foam roll right after working out but right before stretching, it helps to work out the knots that could limit your range of motion when you go to stretch. The foam roller also helps to bring circulation to tired muscles, which aids in recovery. After I roll out each muscle group, I stretch throughly to lengthen the scrunched up muscles that compress during the workout. You want to make sure you’re lengthening the muscle fibers to help the muscles recover, and build back stronger and longer!

So, to wrap it all up, this is what my post-workout routine looks like!

Step 1: Finish grueling, sweaty workout without dying.

Step 2: Start foam rolling while my muscles are still nice and warm.

Step 3: Drink my MonaVie to get in some anti-inflammatory antioxidants to help prevent muscle and joint soreness.

Step 4: Stretch out my muscles!

Step 5: Shower, you’re welcome world.

Hopefully now you have some new ideas to help you recover post-workout, prevent extreme soreness and wear and tear on your body, and enjoy your fit lifestyle even more!

Happy training!