Working From Home

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Working From Home

Perhaps you are now working from home just as I am, after untold years of a lifestyle that included dashing off to work daily. Those years demanded that I be scheduled 24 hours a day in order to preserve my reputation as a can-do, will-do, dynamo. Even sleep time was protected so that I could perform at my best. Every minute counted. Doing one set of errands on the way to work and another on the route home. Planning meals ahead. Making and redoing to-do-lists. You know the routine. I even built in a positive attitude to enable me to function at that level.


Even though my life was full, before I started working from home, because of the planning, I was able to build in time for my exercise walks which rejuvenated me. I also planned for an hour of downtime prior to the bedtime regime in order to be more relaxed when my head finally hit the pillow. I knew that if I got behind schedule on Tuesday, I would be behind the remainder of the week. In order to stay above water and maintain an optimistic approach to life, I also built in unseen time for flexibility when needs arose. After all, weren’t we all trying to measure up to the perfect woman who could be the perfect mother and still embrace a full time, well paying job?

Working From Home

At any rate, now that my job is from home and my children are grown up and living their own lives, I find that just frittering away time does not serve me well. Knowing that I have all day to do my assigned work task makes me procrastinate. I really thought I would like this. However, I find that I need a schedule just as much now in order to be the best person than I can be. Rather than delaying my outdoor exercise walk all day while feeling lethargic, I try to do that first thing in the morning. It gets me going for the day with that burst of endorphins and the enjoyment of the beauty of God’s creation.


It has been to my benefit to walk early, shower and be ready for the day. If an unexpected invitation to lunch or to meet with someone is extended, I can be ready in minutes. And, just seeing myself looking good as I pass the mirror encourages me and brings positive thoughts rather than self deprecating murmurs. I want to present my best to myself as well as to others.

Healthy Breakfast

Eating a high protein breakfast, scheduling two or three extra calls for the day, marking off from the list of notes I have meant to send, filling breaks with a yogurt and a devotional time, and purposely patting myself on the back for any accomplishments, have made my more solitary lifestyle happier and more productive. I also take advantage of the opportunities I am given to serve on committees and boards for non-profit groups. This keeps my mix of friends from youth to the aged and enhances my social life.

Easy Yoga

Since my professional job means hours at the computer, I set my timer to remind me to get up and walk around at appropriate times. I do pushups at the kitchen cabinet while microwaving lunch. I do two sets of squats without the desk chair behind me. Mid-day I relax with 8 minutes of “legs up the wall” pose, followed by stretching. The 5:30 news finds me on a mat doing stretching. Without this, my body contracts and I appear older that I am due to posture and movement – and who wants that to happen? I find that our bodies as well as our minds and spirits are resilient and can bounce back. All of this takes so little time and bears so much more fruit than flopping on the couch or immersing ourselves in mindless palaver.


Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I function at a higher level that includes a more joyfulpersona as well as an inner hopeful spirit if I embrace some form of time schedule. We were previously stimulated by co-workers, especially the scintillating, out-of-the-box thinkers. Now, the co-worker in my life is ME! Am I that type co-worker to myself? Think about it.

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