Yoga For Energy

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Yoga For Energy

Yoga for energy is a great way to get your umph back during the middle of the day and it can be a great part of your fitness and nutrition plan.  Relaxing, yet energizing and great for your health, this 12 minute easy do yoga flow will have the pep back in your step in no time. Taking some time to care for your body will add up to greatness. Simple yoga can work wonders for your mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy these easy yoga poses with Ursula, and have a beautiful day.

Did you know, your yoga practice can actually energize you, too. Yoga has a lot to do with relaxation, stretching and calming down, but it can also be revitalizing, boosting and energizing your whole body. The key to maximizing energy is to get [our spine moving, expand the heart and lungs, as you breath deeper and move. You will fire up your metabolism and generate heat in the body as well.

12-Minute Easy, Energizing Yoga Sequence

By Easy Yoga Poses on Incline

We love starting and ending the day with some relaxing yoga. It’s a sure way to help beat stress and anxiety. Taking time to breathe, express gratitude for our many blessings, and focus our minds on the here and now can eliminate and prevent all kinds of inflammation and disease in our bodies. Our crazy schedules can come back to haunt us if we don’t take some time to unwind and refuel.

You will be amazed at how your stress levels are reduced to almost nothing, and at how your joy is increased. Focus on your blessings, a prayer, a scripture, or just a favorite word. Whatever helps your mind not run forward to your duties of the day. This is your time to take care of yourself. You will look beautiful and feel your best.

Curbing stress and an eating clean diet are some of our best defenses against illnesses of the body, mind, and spirit. So press play, take a deep breath, and enjoy this simple yoga routine.

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