Yoga for Sleep

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Our friend, Ursula, is going to show you yoga for sleep as a way to relax and destress. Fly away into relaxed slumber and sleep after an exciting day, or a stressful day or whatever the day has brought you. Your busy lifestyle calls for a quiet time out every day. Your body needs to let go of tension,adrenaline, and stress, and settle into a peaceful, calm, and relaxed state, so that you can sleep deeply.

I love to to do at little bedtime yoga just before I go to bed because it helps me relax and unwind from the tensions of my day, whether good or bad. At the end of my practice, I can just dive under my covers and I will feel so much better after I have opened up my hips and my lower back and released the stress. And yes we do hold much stress in our shoulders in our necks.  We also hold stress in our hips and lower backs. A little simple yoga can go a really long way! Yoga for stress is a great place to start,  and this yoga for sleep routine will melt your stress away like magic. Let’s do it!

Yoga For Sleep

  • Find a comfortable position, crossed legged. You can take a pillow and place it just under your tush if that helps you get more comfortable  and relaxed.
  • Become still and quiet, just paying attention to your breath and softening your muscles. Breathe in through your nose, and as you exhale just try to let it all go.
  • Place your hands wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Relax your hips
  • Soften your face
  • Soften your eyes
  • Relax your your forehead.
  • Let your thoughts be your thoughts, but don’t dwell on what ever life has brought into your day.
  • Leave your worries behind and focus on your breath.
  • Inhale to the count of four and exhale to the count to four.
  • Let your right ear fall to your right shoulder
  • Let your neck fall forward ,keeping that spine tall.
  • Roll across to the left shoulder,
  • Then roll back one more time to the right side, remembering to breathe.
  • Roll back one more time to the left side , and then slowly back to center.
  • Slowly lift your head
  • Roll your shoulders to the back three or four times inhaling through your nose, and exhaling then through your nose as well.
  • Roll your shoulders to the front three or four times inhaling and exhaling through your nose, letting everything go.
  • Walk your hands forward, let your torso length in and relax, as comfortably as possible, just letting the lower back and hips open.
  • Move your breath deep into you lower back and hips.
  • Support your body with pillows or with blankets. Whatever you need to feel comfortable and to be able to soften your legs, hips and lower back.
  • Walk your hands over past the right knee and leg, opening the left side of your body.
  • Close your eyes and breathe.
  • Walk your hands over to the left thigh and breathe. See if you can walk your hands a little bit farther out and open the right side of your body.
  • Come back to the center and bring yourself to a comfortable seated it position.

Yoga for Sleep

Taking time out to care for yourself is not selfish. It is important! If you are not healthy, strong, and happy, you can’t really be of great help to others. Care for yourself so that you can live a full vibrant life, with energy for the people you love!

If you have time, you can do the full 25 minute video and come to a completely relaxed state before you sleep. Even this shortened written version will help you let go of the stress of your day, and you will sleep better than ever!

Breathe, relax, and sleep!

Happy beautiful life!

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