Yoga in Bed

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One of the best hacks for distressing is to do yoga in bed. It’s important that you let go of The tensions of the day, so that you don’t feel stressed when you’re trying to sleep.

Ursula is here to take us through a wonderful  relaxing bedtime yoga routine that will help you unwind from your day and fly away into blissful slumber. Do this routine on a regular basis, and you will notice many benefits to your health – mind, body, and spirit. You can experience a wonderful morning yoga routine with Ursula, that will get you off to a wonderfully relaxed, positive, and vibrant start to your day.

Yoga in Bed

by Ursula

Easy Yoga PosesBeginner Yoga: Simple Evening Routine, Powered By Incline

Slowing down and making time to car for yourself is just as important as all of the other things you do. Taking time to care for yourself will actually help you to be more effective in the things you love to do. Pressing through on too little sleep can leave you  sluggish, foggy, and grouchy. That’s no way to go through your day! Breathe, relax, and let go! the benefits of yoga will exceed  your expectations, but you have to allow yourself some time!

Bedtime Yoga

I try to do a little bedtime yoga every night before I getting ready for bed, Sue that I can sleep deeply and restfully. Restorative sleep is important to your bodies functions come. During during sleep your body repairs itself,leading to health and vitality.

You’re brain also restores itself during that during sleeping hours, and a disrupted night sleep leads to foggy days.

Yoga for Stress

If you want to feel awake, capable, energized, and able to take on your day in the best way it is important to incorporate some yoga for stress into your evening.

Sometimes I begin my easy yoga poses while we are unwinding and watching a movie. I move to a comfortable spot and begin doing some easy yoga poses to relieve tension in my lower back, hips, and shoulders.

As time allows, I will move into some twisting positions, and practice deep breathing, To help my body begins to restore itself.

I can’t tell you how much this helps me relax and sleep peacefully without any aches and pains, or disturbing thoughts. My sleep is deep rest Full, and I wake up with a positive attitude and ready to take on my day.

Restorative Yoga

Science is proving that spending 10 to 40 minutes a day mindfully breathing, and letting go of tension in your muscles, actually changes your brain, and makes you smarter. Not only that,  your stress response will be normalized. That means no more unnecessary releases of adrenaline, Sending your body into a fight or flight reaction.

Allow yourself to breathe, relax, and let your stress melt away. I can’t tell you the positive changes that have happened in my life since I began this practice. I am able to stay in the moment. I can enjoy the days of my life my fully, without my mind constantly racing ahead to the things that I need to do, or anything that I think I should’ve done, or any other worrying thought.

Letting go of stress and anxiety will free up your mind and your body to live a vibrant and exciting life full of surprises and great expectations. We could all use a little more ahh!

So hop into your nice comfy bed, turn on the video, do your yoga in bed routine, and have sweet dreams.

Thanks for watching.