How to Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

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Are you wondering how to make your thin hair look thicker? We all long for those luscious locks that tumble about our shoulders, bouncing and shining and catching everyone’s eye? I have dreams of long thick hair so heavy that my head falls backwards from the weight of that glorious mane. When I awaken, though my neck thanks me, the rest of me sets out to try to make my hair look thicker, shiner, bouncier, and just generally more appealing.

11 Ways to Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

1. Refrain from using heavy oils and conditioners. Though your hair needs some conditioning to keep it healthy, choose lighter products that won’t sit on your strands, weighing them down and making your hair appear thinner. Steer away from oil treatments if you have thin hair. They will make your hair shine, but they will also make it limp.

2. Use mousses and thickening products, but use them sparingly. Once again, too much product can weigh your hair down, causing it to be limp, which amplifies the fact that you have thin hair. Lighter application of your thickening product will help you have fuller, bouncy hair that will appear to be much thicker than it actually is.

3. Embrace your natural waves or curls, and use them to your advantage. Don’t straighten that beautiful hair you have, but instead work with it to increase the volume and give the illusion of a thick, amazing mane.

4. Use a volumizing spray at the roots of your hair while it is damp. Hold up a section at a time,and lightly spritz the roots with the volumizer. Then aim your hair dryer at the underside of the section while lifting the hair with your fingers. This will add much more volume and life to your tresses.

5. Blow dry your hair the opposite direction from the way you part it. This will help increase volume so your hair won’t lie flat on your head. Your hair needs to be confused so it doesn’t get used to only lying down one way. You will often see girls flipping their hair from side to side throughout the day. That is a method for making your thin hair look thicker.

6. Don’t over blow dry air over wok your hair. The more you mess with it, the flatter and thinner it will look. When it comes to styling, think less is more. Less fixing equals more volume.

7. Get extra lift and pow by applying velcro rollers to the top and crown while you are putting on your makeup and getting dressed. For the rest results, blow them with warm air from your hair dryer for about 30 seconds, then leave them in until they are nice and cool. Then remove the curlers, lift the sections one at a time, and lightly spritz with a dry texturizing spray. You will love the fullness this method gives your hair.

8. Tease the underside. Hold up a section of your hair and tease with little strokes using a teasing brush. Tease close to the roots, being careful to keep the top of the hair smooth. You don’t want  A little teasing from the underside of your hair can go a long way in adding secret volume and thickness and is an age old secret of how to make your thin hair look thicker.

9. Thicken your braids by plumping each section by pulling each loop just a pinch only on one side of the loop. This will make your braids look much thicker and lush. This is a very pretty look and great of those days that your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate any other way.

10. Thicken your ponytail by using two ponytail holders to amp up the lift. You can also add bobby pins to the base for added oomph. You can even lift it by sections and add more volume with a little bit of teasing. Just use your imagination!

10. Opt for short to medium length hair with lots of layers. Long straight thin hair will only drag you down. Give your features a lift by optimizing the movement that layers can provide. The shorter length will help lighten the weight, allowing you the luscious locks every girl loves!

I hope these tricks for how to make your thin hair look thicker will make your getting ready process a little easier and help get your day off to a great start! We all feel better when our hair looks great!

If you want a fresh glow to go with your bouncy hair, check out the benefits of a facial peel! Fresh, radiant skin and thicker looking hair. Looks like you are ready to take on your day in a very big way. Go out and make it a great one!

Happy beautiful life!

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