Simple Eyeliner Tutorial

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Simple Eyeliner Tutorial

This simple eyeliner tutorial is just the thing for this wake up and go just like I am girl. I don’t really do that, but I really try to make my morning makeup routine as painless and as quick as possible. I really do like to look put together and polished, but the reality of my busy life is that a simple makeup routine is the more likely choice on most days. Fortunately for me, the natural makeup look is always in:)

There is no denying the beauty of a perfect winged eyeliner, but perfection is not always on my radar. Well, it really is on my radar, but the truth is, I have never achieved perfection in my makeup or otherwise. Now some of you always do look perfect, like you just stepped out of a magazine, and I salute you. I just don’t know how you do it! I can follow all of the eye makeup rules, and still feel only half put together, so I just go with it. Life is to short to worry about utter perfection when it comes to looks. There are way more important things to do! So just put on your makeup and go have a great day! Turns out that no one really cares how you look as much as you do! Isn’t that great?

It is fun, and pretty, and alluring to draw attention to those beautiful windows of the soul though, so I have created a simple eyeliner tutorial that helps me look put together and defines my eyes, even on my busiest, or laziest days. Pretty much every day haha! Now don’t get me wrong! I do love to get all dolled up once in a while, just like any other girl, but for the most part, I go pretty natural.

There is power in drawing attention to your beautiful eyes, though. They are your main communication tools, so it only makes sense to make the most of them, even if you go with a simple eyeliner tutorial like mine. Just because it is simple eyeliner does not mean it isn’t beautiful!

Take care of yourself by eating clean, exercising, and controlling your stress levels. Keep a happy, positive outlook and love others. All of that healthy food, strength, and joy will light up your beautiful eyes like nothing else! The eyeliner you add will just be the icing on the cake! I hope you enjoy your life and that this simple eyeliner tutorial makes your day just a little easier and your eyes even more spectacular!

Simple Eyeliner Tutorial

Prime your eyes

  • Apply concealer and or your to lids and dark circles to keep your eye makeup in place.
  • Top with loose powder to set and blend to a natural beauty.
  • Apply nude color all over lid and beneath brow to lighten and open up your eyes.
  • Apply a pretty taupe color to crease on the outer half of the lid to add depth and definition to your eyes.


  • Use your favorite pencil liner or gel liner, or whatever tool is easiest for you.
  • Start at the inner corner of your top lash line and draw a line to the outer corner, ending with a slight upward wing.
  • Start at the outer third of the lower lash line and draw a line to meet the wing.
  • Using your angle brush, dip in dark eyeshadow and blend the liner to soften and define your simple eyeliner,


  • Use your prettiest light shimmer color and dab into the inner corners and just below the brow to give your eyes an angelic glow that catches all of the light.


  • If your eyelashes need curl, use your eyelash curler for extra lift and pop.


  • Apply at least two coats of black mascara to finish things off.

I hope you enjoyed this simple eyeliner tutorial!

Happy beautiful life!!!