Organic Milk vs Regular Milk

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Organic Milk vs Regular Milk

Hey babes! It’s time for a face off: organic milk vs regular milk!! Is organic milk really better for your fitness and nutrition than conventional milk? In my tutorial, I show you guys the kind of milk I like to use in my coffee in order to keep it clean and to keep my body healthy! I also explain why organic milk is better for your health then regular conventional milk, even though it is a little bit pricey! But in the end your health is your wealth, right? 😉 If you cannot go organic or afford organic dairy products, I still give you the better option when it comes to consuming regular milk and dairy products. I’ve got you covered! Check out my video to understand why organic milk is better for you than regular conventional milk!

Like I always say, it’s all about balance. In this case, it’s about the balance of essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6! When you consume too much omega six fatty acid, your body will become inflamed, and many diseases can occur. Although both fatty acids are essential to your diet, consuming too much omega-6 can damage your health. So how can we insure that our balance of essential fatty acids is in check??  Reducing your intake of processed foods is a great first step, but once you are already eating clean, adding organic milk to your diet or swapping out your regular milk for organic milk will help you achieve the optimal 2:3 ratio for essential fats omega-3 to omega-6.

Organic Milk Benefits


Bonus points for organic milk vs regular milk: organic milk contains a higher protein count!! If you are seriously trying to build lean muscle, you already understand how important consuming enough protein can be in order to make gains in the gym. Even if you do not lift weights or do strength training, protein is a crucial macronutrient that you absolutely must fuel your body with! Sound like something you’re ready to incorporate into your daily diet? Follow me to my local coffee shop in my video above to see what type of organic coffee creamer I put in my organic morning coffee, and get ready to feel clean and lean with organic milk!! 

In the past, there has been controversy over the topic of organic milk versus regular milk. Many people believe that organic milk is not worth its higher price, and they prefer to consume regular milk or no milk at all. However there is new research that shows that drinking organic milk could benefit your health in many ways! What are some of the top benefits of switching to organic milk?

Drinking organic milk versus regular milk can help you improve the balance of omega-6 essential fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids, creating a better balance in your body, reducing risk of disease and inflammation.

Most people run a little bit high on omega-6 fatty acid, throwing their body out of balance. The desired ratio that you should shoot for when it comes to your essential fatty acid is a 2:3 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3.

What causes your essential fatty acids to become out of balance?  Eating a diet that is high in processed foods, or eating damaged omega six fatty acid’s such as vegetable oils to get high temperatures, can throw off the balance of your omega-3 to omega-6, causing inflammation in the body. Having a proper omega-6 omega-3 ratio can greatly reduce risks of depression cancer Alzheimer’s diabetes rheumatoid arthritis and many more hope problems that you want to avoid. It can even decrease your chances of developing cardiovascular disease! That sounds pretty good, right?

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk Benefits

So what makes organic milk better for your essential fatty acid balance? Because it is rich in essential fatty acid omega-3, drinking organic milk can help combat these problems by helping you to increase your omega-3 fatty acids intake. This will create an environment in your body that is in perfect balance for optimal health levels! You will feel great, and your body will thrive.

Organic milk versus regular milk: what makes the difference?

Organic milk is made by cows who are fed a grass diet. Conventional milk, or regular milk, is made from cows who are fed a diet which includes corn. The cows that are fed corn produce milk that is higher in essential fatty acid omega-3, so whenever you consume the milk, you are consuming too much omega-3 and not enough omega-6, which as you now know will throw your body out of balance and potentially wreak havoc on your systems. The cows that are fed the grass diet also produce milk that is higher in protein, so you get a better macro count in each glass of milk. Protein is essential to every diet, and is especially important to consume in higher quantities when you are active or working out. Starting the day off with a glass of organic milk will help you rev up your metabolism and kick start your day with the energy that your body needs to fuel your workouts and your brain. Drinking milk that is higher in protein can also aid in weight loss. Organic milk also does not contain the added hormones that regular conventional milk may contain. If you want to eat clean, organic milk is the way to go!

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk: is Regular Better than None??

Although drinking organic milk is much better for you then drinking conventional milk, drinking conventional milk can still be beneficial to your health. If you do not wish to go organic, or if you can’t afford to buy organic milk, trying to purchase milk and dairy products that are full fat. Reduced fat milk into dairy products are more processed then full fat dairy products, and the essential fatty acid ratio is even more off-balance. If you must drink milk that is not organic, the full fat versions of conventional milk are better options than skim or 2% milk, and still have beneficial micronutrients that your body needs. Basically, full fat non-organic milk is better than no milk, but organic milk is way better than full fat non-organic milk!

Starting off the day with a glass of high protein, hormone-free, unprocessed, and omega-3 rich organic milk will rev your metabolism, fuel your muscles, give you plenty of energy, and balance your essential fatty acid ratio. Basically, you will be on top of the world!

I hope you guys enjoy this organic milk vs regular milk face off, and I hope you can give organic food a try!

Keep living that fit life, babes!

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